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Loads of Cum
06/05/10 05:26:23

This may have already been answered before but I'm new to this forum so I'd like to ask this...  I have been to many of the other top level male porn sites but I have never seen the actors produce as much cum and they do here at Kristen Bjorn and my curiosity has gotten the best of me.  Can you tell me of you have your actors abstain from sex and ejaculation for a period of time before the shoot (pun intended) their cum shots for these videos.  If not, how do you get them to produce like they do?  It is absolutely amazing and a joy to watch.


Name: Jack
Answer num: 1
08/05/10 18:50:07

I'm not sure if you're asking about the number of times the actors cum, or the actual amount of semen they shoot. The answer to the first question would be that we shoot each scene over multiple days. But if you're asking about the actual quantity of ejaculate, I don't have an answer for you except to say that I film the cum shots very carefully to maximize viewage. The actors obviously can't abstain from cumming when they have to do it daily during their scenes.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
09/05/10 21:31:07

I wasn't asking the number of times but the amount of cum per ejaculation.  I know these guys are young and when you're young you have a lot of "juices" inside of you but still...I've never seen four, five, six long thick streams of white cream like I do in your films.  Now I'm not saying that they all are like that and, in fact, it seems like was more common years ago when you first started.  The actors would barely touch themselves and they'd cum loads.  Perhaps this was the talent film splicing, I don't know.  LOL.  Anyway, I just want to let you know that I really enjoy the results as well as every other aspect of Kristen Bjorn videos.  You are right at the top of your field and I thank you.

Name: Jack
Answer num: 3
10/05/10 15:34:03

Thanks Jack. We'll certainly keep 'em coming!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
28/01/12 06:53:28

I also think the cum scenes in KB vids are the best. Just love the way they take their time and let it ooze out. Also the way most of the guys seem to have permanent hardons. I like to see them make them throb up and down and to walk around with big stiffies! Thanks Kristen for all the pleasure you give us!

Name: Trevor
Answer num: 5
19/05/12 01:50:15

I agree love that leche especially when they eat it um,,!:):)

Name: poncho