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Mike Colucci
10/05/10 01:12:27

I'd love to see more of Mike Colucci in your future films.  He's got a hot ass and has made a big impression in just the few films he's made.  Can you tell me anything about him?

Name: George
Answer num: 1
10/05/10 15:41:46

He's a young, and very cute guy, with a playful, boyish personality that fits his looks. I think there is something special about him; what do you other guys think?

You'll get a better sense of what Mike is like in the behind the scenes videos in when they come out in the MAKIN' IT part of the WEB VIDEOS  area soon.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
14/06/10 17:39:48


Would like to see more of Mike Colucci.  You posted model shots on you website before.  Could you post any of him?  A couple of questions if you don't mind.  How old is he?  Is he gay?  Are you going to cast him again?


Name: George
Answer num: 3
11/08/14 16:07:10

yes, he's gay and he's almost 30!

Name: Kristen