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gay for pay
16/05/10 05:39:26

Hello Kristen!! Do you believe in "gay for pay" models? Some models afirm they are straight, and shooting gay porn movies just for get the money. I think, for a man to suck a dick, get pounded by another man, it is at least  bi-sexual and have sexual pleasure doing that. For you, is it difficult to work with "straight" models?

Name: Kalled
Answer num: 1
17/05/10 14:51:53

Years ago, it was more common-place to find straight identified models... I would say that they had strong bisexual tendencies in order to do gay porn, but it was difficult for them to label themselves as bisexual because of the mentality of that time. I do believe that bisexuality exists, but most bisexuals tend to have preferences one way or another.

These days, models who aren't gay identified tend to classify themselves as bisexual rather than straight. Some even give me percentages like: "I'm 60% straight and 40% gay". This is something I never heard ten or twenty years ago! I think that this is due to society at large being much less homophobic then ever before.

Over all, I think that some models are easier to work with than others because of a variety of issues... But sexual orientation isn't usually one of those issues. It stands to reason that anyone who performs in a gay porn film doesn't have a problem with gay sex.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
05/02/12 16:26:03


Name: Aage dalgaard
Answer num: 3
19/05/12 01:53:51

I agree

Name: poncho
Answer num: 4
29/08/13 18:31:21

How many times that you run into straight performer who have agreed to shoot a movie and then walk off the set in disgust?

Name: larryngu