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13/06/10 07:14:39

Hello Kristen, I have just watched Horns of Plenty 1 and 2, and I am sure is another masterpiece fuckfilm from you!! As usual, the movie is HOT from the start to end ,and we watched the intire movie without use the forward button (usei a mao para outra coisa..). But, of course, there are the "highlights", and in my opinion some of that are: -Alex Ferrari and David Dirdam scorching fuck!! They look so into each other and have a great chemistry, I think it is one of the best fuck that you have already recorded!! (uma foda e tanto)..   - Mike Colucci strongly pushing himself back and forth that perfect ass on Antonio Ferrari's cock with so enthusiasm that we almost can fell the intense pleasure he is having.. actually the intire orgy is so HOT!!  - and of course, Carlos Montenegro!!.. we have never seen this hot stud being penetred so deep; and see him, like Mike Colucci, pushing that "magnificent and luxurious" ass is a priceless vision, and he comes so intensily..aahhhh (I think after that he is now  prepared for "deeper and bigger" adventure!!) I hope you have new plans for this so Hoot stud!!  - and finally, the final surprese: Miguel Angel being double penetred!!!...woooo.. and there are other points that I have noticed, but that  is for another topic; Another great moment of gay porn that's worth to wait! Thanks Kristen!



Name: Cellio
Answer num: 1
15/06/10 01:06:51

Thanks so much for your positive feedback, Celio! Since the majority of comments I receive from viewers tend to be complaints, it's encouraging to hear your enthusiastic review of HORNS OF PLENTY. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
17/06/10 04:21:53

Hello Kristen, just one curiosity: was Horns of Plenty shooting in Spain? (has your most recent productions -like El Rancho, Action, Pride, Rocks and Hard Places,.. - being filmed in Spain?); and When did you filmed Horns of Plenty? Do you use to film only on the summer?

Name: cellio
Answer num: 3
17/06/10 17:55:01

Hi Celio, HORNS OF PLENTY was filmed in Northern Spain. However, it was filmed in October and November. We almost never shoot films in the summer months in Spain; it's far too hot and expensive at that time.

Name: Kristen