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21/06/10 07:13:29

Hei Kristen, is there any possibility we see that hot study Alex Orioli in a KB production? He has shooting to Lukas Kazan, so maybe he could jump to a K Bjorn production! He is such a hot fuck, and I think match with the KB style!

Name: Kalled
Answer num: 1
22/06/10 01:18:45

I haven't seen this model before, and I don't know what his current situation is. But anything is possible!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
22/06/10 10:35:07

I am surprised that you don't know Alex Orioli, but he is there, on the Models page of this site.. 

Name: kalled
Answer num: 3
23/06/10 11:37:25

We also sell Lucas Kazan DVDs on the site, which is why we have model profiles from the Lucas Kazan films as well. Being overwhelmed with my own work, I unfortunately don't always see the promo materials from Luca's films.

Name: Kristen