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Kristen: Ideas for your movies
24/06/10 03:08:01

Good day Kristen!

I'm a big fan of your movies - especially MANVILLE. That movie just blew me away! All the leather jackets - the beautiful scenery and great sex! The best scenes ever with Jason Kingsley in his leather jacket and also Matthieu Costa with Marcelo Lars (both dressed in Leather jackets aswell) Wow! It is my alltime favourite porn movie! As I'm crazy for leather and not much into plain naked action.

I also love ROCKS&Hard Places with the bike-leather scene and the amazing scene with David Salazar and Rocko Magnus! Just perfect!!!!!!!!

These 2 movies actually made me notice your work and I just loved it. I bought several different movies such as Fire Dance, Male Tales, Bone Island and Parashooter from our local porn store. The last dvd's I bought from KB were El Rancho, Skin Deep and Pride. I didn't really feel these movies too much - but I wanted to support your work and I was and still am still crazy about MANVILLE and Rocks&hardplaces!

Now to my question: Are all these movies, titles and the location your ideas? I noticed that the last few KB Movies were kind of similar in their complexity even though the scenery is still amazing and breathtaking - but just nothing new. I just didn't feel them and therefor my last movie was PRIDE. Maybe you even get your inspiration with your fans and what they would like to see or you check your older movies and think about what theme based movie you could do. I'm really curious about your thoughts and motives for new movies. Maybe there are even new plans for future releases?

Concluding I would like you to know that me, personally would love to see a leather-themed or fetish themed (Slickitup gear for example) movie with great european cast. Something completely else and at the same time back to the roots and back to Manville (as I understand that most of your fans like(d) that movie a lot!) I think it would match perfectly with your style of film making! AND I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO BUY A NEW MOVIE FROM KRISTEN BJORN AGAIN - SOON!:)

Kind regards from Italy!

Name: Tom
Answer num: 1
28/06/10 18:52:57

Although leather has been used in certain scenes in a handfull of KB videos, it hasn't been done often. The first scene in PRIDE is in full leather gear. So, I'm a bit confused as to what it is you would like to see... Are you into motorcycle leather?

Certainly, I'm very interested in getting feedback from viewers who, in order to get an idea of their likes and dislikes. But it would be helpfull if you guys tell me more specifically what you'd like to see.




Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
30/06/10 06:19:52

Hey Kristen!
I think it is VERY sympathetic and likeable that you go into contact with your fans! Really great!!
I can imagine that it might even confuse you that laymen tell you what you could do different.. I also appreciate your work - even if I like the end product or not.. It is only my personal opinion anyway. Maybe even everyone else is completely happy with your work so you might aswell ignore my imput!

I'm into leather - shiny smooth leather like the leather jackets in Manville!I'm not into motorcycle leather that much. If you have a fetish like I do, it's always kind of difficult to really get yourself and your prospects pleased.. I own PRIDE and this leather scene was ok (even though I'm not diggin' these 2 reaccuring actors which star in almost every movie with each other..). What I love about Manville is that through the whole movie you can see men in leather jackets even though I would also like to see leather pants/jeans! Even scenes where they fuck and suck in leather (often in porn movies they undress immediatly and there are 2 or 3 or 4 guys plain naked like you can find them in any other movie - you know what I mean?).. As I wrote before my favourite scenes are "Matthieu Costa with Marcelo Lars in MANVILLE" and "David Salazar and Rocko Magnus in Rocks&hardplaces". Amazing guys keeping on their leather jacket(s) getting it on and having that chemistry with each other.. Maybe I should just satisfy myself with Manville!

What about words like seduction, attraction, charm, foreplay, fetish..? Maybe the missing playful, flirty and also provocative part could be the mean subject in your next movie(s).. Scene's where married guys or guys with girlfriends lay on the beach or in a city café and he flirts with a man getting started with a long foreplay of eye-contact, smiling - all without immediatly touching each other and getting in each others pants.. More lifetime related scenes with flirting and checking if the guy is really gay and really digging you - building up the tension and the fire slowly.. How it is working in real life - well, mostly..

But maybe it is just not matching with "Kristen Bjorn" and not at all what other guys would want to see! I understand the difficulty of being a director wanting to please everybody..

Name: Tom
Answer num: 3
30/06/10 09:56:12

Hello Kristen, like Tom, I would like to do some suggestions: I know, beautifull natural scenaries, charming countryside villas, luxury interiors,etc are a trademark KB characteristic to  background to hot men fucking; but have you already thinking about to do something different from the usual, something like,

- a intire movie with leather and jockstraps;

- more have fucks (I think your fuck scenes are astonishing, but some looks like a choreographyed sex;) I would love to see that hot models in havier fuck sessions! I don't know if you are shooting a new KB production right now, but would be amazingg to see, for example, Carlos Montenegro in a hot leather fuck scene!! ( I would love to do a scene suggestion..);

Kristen, take that just like sugggestion, you are a master of gay porn erotica, and I am sure, we are going to see, even more great KB productions!  Thanks.



Name: Cellio
Answer num: 4
08/07/10 01:03:34

Well if I'm not the only one fancying leather I guess there's a possibility to combine these 2 propositions into one movie. Leather shirts, leather pants, leather jackets, leather jockstraps... "LEATHERLUST" by Kristen Bjorn;)

Yesterday a new thought came to my mind.. Why don't you do theme based movies. One movie focusing on leather. Maybe another one focusing on club life. maybe another focusing on gays living the straight life having secret gay sex at work, for lunch break, on holidays.. Or even a movie that focuses on the different lives of gay men in a single city - flirting, eye contact, building up the tension with sex flashforward scenes to show how they are gonna end up to make the flirting and eyecontact a little bit more tense and exciting.. Building a little bit more of a story line would be nice too - which would require acting talent from your men.. I always find it a little disturbing when they are having conversations in your movies but one is talking italian, the other is talking spanish and another man is talking in his native language..

What do you think Kristen? Hope to hear from you before my membership runs out on 15th of July and I won't have any access on the forum.

Name: Tom