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South Africa
19/07/10 05:31:16

Hi again Kristen...

Have you ever given any thought to making a video in South Africa?  There are so many incredible men there who would fit your like Jed Wilcox and Jason Kingsley who are just two great examples.  Cape Town would make an incredible location shoot.  It would be a change of pace from your usual Southern and Eastern European, and South American castings, great though they are.

Name: MorseWay
Answer num: 1
22/07/10 10:32:58

Capetown is one of my favorite cities, and for many years I have wanted to shoot a film in South Africa. As you mentioned, there are many very hot and handsome men in that country as well. The problem has always been the difficulty in recruiting actors there. Although South Africa is progressive in many ways, it's very hard to find hot men there who are willing to perform in porn films. In this respect, South Africa is still quite conservative.

Name: Kristen