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Behind the Scenes/making it
19/07/10 06:56:14

Hello Kristen, I would like to say it's very, very good (muito bom mesmo) the material Behind the scenes/ making it that you have been adding on the making it section! It's one of my favourite site's section; We have a great curiousity to know what goes behind the scenes when that hot studs are gattered to shooting a fuck scene! ( eu daria qualquer coisa para estar pelo menos um dia em um set the filmagens- behind the scenes e claro..) I hope you have lots of material to add and if you have more material of older movies, I think you should to post them as well. Thanks Kristen, e continue colocando esse tipo de material, e muuuito bom , me da muiuuito tezao!  Um abrac~ao pra voc^e!

Name: Cellio
Answer num: 1
22/07/10 10:43:02

Thanks, Celio, I'm glad you enjoy it! There will be loads of hot behind the scenes videos being posted regularly on the site from now on. It can be amazing what the guys say and do behind the scenes... and Carlos Caballero, our Brazilian behind the scenes cameraman, has a unique talent for getting the actors to open up and expose it all for us to see! It's what we might call ¨safadeza brasileira¨!

Name: Kristen