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interatividade no site
12/08/10 08:42:45

Ola Kristen,  beleza? Kristen, algum tempo atras vc comentou que estava pensando em adicionar algumas novidades no site; o site esta muito bom, mas seria muito legal coisas do tipo chat, com vc ou com um de seus modelos/garanhoes, onde poderiamos fazer algumas perguntas ao vivo; live sex, etc. Tambem seria bom se vc reativa-se a sessao "ask to the star", como antigamente, mas e claro, agora so com os menbros do site; enfim uma maior interatividade entre vcs e todos os seus seguidores..! Abrac~ao, e sucesso,.. e ja na expectativa do proximo lancamento!!  (..e espero q vc ainda tenha muita coisa com meu garanhao favorito Carlos Montenegro!!) Ate mais meu amigo.

Name: Cellio
Answer num: 1
15/08/10 04:30:47

Hi Celio,

I like speaking Portuguese, but since this is an international site, I'd prefer to respond in English so that most of the members can understand. And I know that you understand English perfectly!

Your questions about more interactivity on the site, such as live chats and shows, as well as other upcoming new features on the site come at an oportune moment. We are hoping to start the Live Chat area on the site in September. This area will offer private chats and shows with some of my most well known actors, including Carlos Montenegro. Although this won't a free feature for members (actors need money), my plan is to offer a free weekly chat and show with one of the actors to all members.

I hadn't considered setting up free open chats between members and myself as you mention. But if this is something that would interest members, it's worth considering. Is this something you guys would like?

Also, a new Kristen Bjorn film is about to be released in a new area in Web Videos area called EXCLUSIVE PRIMIERES. As a new strategy, we will start to release new films one scene at a time as a free feature for website members before they are released on DVD or as digital downloads in the VOD. The first scene is scheduled to be posted on 22 August. Also, from now on, all new KB films will be in HD widescreen format.

As for the ASK THE STARS area of the site, I thought that more spontaneous, filmed interviews with actors in the MAKIN' IT behind the scenes clips would be more fun for members than written interviews. What do you guys think?




Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
16/08/10 09:15:50

Hello Kristen, thanks by your atention answer! It's great to know about the future upcoming features on the site; It's amazing the possibilities of us can interacte with the actors (chating and show!! ), can't wait that.. and I agree with the charge, so the project can be viable (others sites like Falcon, Colt, etc are doing the same). And of course, we would like a lot the possibility to chat with you as well, you know, we have a lot of curiosity and questions about your fantastic work!  As for "ask to the stars", I agree it's better see the models being interview in the behind the scens or in the live chats.  (great to know the possibility we have Carlos Montenegro in a KB Live web show!); Very good the idea of Exclusive Premieres to the menbers.. I am in the countdow to sunday 22th!!

Thanks Kristen, ate mais. (escrevi en portugues o topico acima, porque sei, meu ingles nao e tao bom, abração amigo).

Name: Cellio