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25/08/10 04:28:37

Hi Kristen,

I want to congratulate you on moving on to a widescreen format in your your new film Costa Brava, scene one. I can't wait to see the rest of it!

I noticed that after the inicial story ends in scene one, there is no more background music in this scene. I've never seen a KB video without music before. Is this the start of a new trend for you?


Name: Jeff
Answer num: 1
25/08/10 08:04:18

Thanks Jeff. It's a bit different shooting with such a wide format, but it's also exciting for me to try something new!

About the soundtrack; there have been complaints from some viewers who say that they don't like mood music in the films... Or maybe their taste in music is different to mine. In any case, as an experiment I decided to minimize the music on the online version of COSTA BRAVA, The Wild Coast. What do you guys think? Do you prefer it without music?

When the DVD is released, there will be an option to view the film either with or without music. But that's something that can't be done for the online version. I'd appreciate hearing feed back from you guys on this matter!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
31/08/10 20:55:03

HI kristen, I, particularly, don't like background music; sometimes it's anoying. I prefer just  the sex sound! It is so hot whe we can hear the body's contact sound and groans and grunts.. Great to know, the next DVD release we will can to option to view the film with or without music!! Very good!

Name: cellio