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13/09/10 07:36:11

Hello Kristen, last saturday 4th septenber, the model Marco Salgueiro was on-line (the light was green) in the Live Chat (the only time that I have meeting(?) somemodel on line-I don't know if him  really was on-line), so I bought some credits to chat, but unfortunatelly I didn't get to chat with him.. I sended some messages, but no answer from him, and always there was the same message, ".. sorry, but you can't to group chat.." (something like that); It was a frustration. So, what I do you think could happened? (Enviei uma menssagem em seu e-mail detalhando o que aconteceu, explicando melhor). Thanks by your atention, ate mais.

Name: Cellio
Answer num: 1
15/09/10 03:56:28

There are two different services in the chat area; one is group chat (at 2 credits per minute) which allows a any number of customers to interact with the actors all at once.

The second service is a private chat (at 3 credits per minute) which is a one-to-one only chat.

I can't be totally sure, but it sounds like Marco may have been in a private chat at the time you tried to log in. When that happens, group chats are not available with that particular actor.

I will check with the webmaster to see if there is some other problem which may have ocurred.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
15/09/10 08:50:03

So I lost my credits..?

Name: Cellio
Answer num: 3
17/09/10 12:58:29

No, you still have the same credits that you purchased; they haven´t been used. You can still use them with Marco or another model who is logged on.

Name: Kristen