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Why isn't everything downloadable?
20/09/10 01:38:41

Why do you have some secenes on your site which are not downloadable?  The scene I am specifically requesting is L'eusir d'Amore - Secne 2.  It is gorgeous, sensuous and I'd love to download it but there is no option to do so.  I can't even find it in a DVD to purchase.  It is like you tease us with a scene but do not allow us the change to view it at home.  Will you eventually have all your secenes downloadable?  Thanks


Name: Jack
Answer num: 1
21/09/10 11:43:58

Generally, all of Kristen Bjorn / Sarava Productions films can be purchased as downloads or on DVD. But L'eusir d'Amore is a Lucas Kazan film. Although Lucas Kazan did direct 5 videos for us at Sarava Productions, this particular title isn't one of them.

We have an agreement with Lucas Kazan that allows members of to view a scene from his exclusive films, which are updated biweekly. But we don't have the right to sell downloads of his films.

We do sell newer Lucas Kazan DVDs in the online store, but we no longer carry that particular title.

Name: Kristen