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31/10/10 06:18:28

hELLO kRISTEN, I don't know what have happen, but I cann'ot see Carlos show this night. The button was green, but it was not possible do do the dowload, it always stooped at 37%; I don't know if it was a problem on internet here, or was a problem on the site! What happens!?? Maybe you could schedull a new show with Carlos. Thanks!!

Name: Kalled
Answer num: 1
01/11/10 07:37:34


I'm sorry about that, I really can't say what the problem was. We did have quite a large group of members who did see Carlos´ show last night. Were you able to watch other shows in earlier weeks?

Also, are you located in Brazil? Since there were elections in Brazil yesterday, the servers in that country may have been overloaded.

In any case, as one of our most popular performers, Carlos will certainly be doing more LIVE SHOWS in the future.


Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
01/11/10 16:58:03

Yes, a culpa foi daquela bruxa que foi eleita presidente do Brasil ontem, todo mundo querendo ver o resultado das eleicoes, a internet estava super lenta, nao carregava.. Por causa daquele canhao perdi o show do Carlos. Espero que voce marque um outro logo.. e tbem um novo filme com ele!! Abraco.

Name: kalled