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Hairy Chested Men
26/11/10 02:47:40

Hi Kristen..

Why are virtually all your models chests shaved so closely that not a single hair appears anywhere.  Hair is sexy, particularly on older men.  I can understand tidying up the pubes, but how about leaving a bit more hair on some of the more hirsute guys? 

Also, have you ever considered sometime from using Southern and Eastern European models almost exclusively and looked toward Northern European types...Scandinavians, for example to give a bit more variety. 

Otherwise, a very satisfied customer.

Name: Morse Way
Answer num: 1
27/11/10 11:55:46

I always ask my models not to remove body hair at least a month before a shoot. Although some do have abundant body hair (Luciano Prado, Antonio Ferrari, Nicolai Tinkoff, Juanjo Rodriguez, and Scott Carter, to name a few recent ones), very few of my guys shave their bodies; they just aren't natually hairy. The only hair removal we usually do is trimming the pubes and ass; and shaving of the balls; that's it. Maybe it's an ethnic thing; but the majority of the guys I work with don't have a lot of body hair.

I do try to work with a mixture of different ethnic types, and I'm very open to working with men from all over. But it's true that the most of the guys I work with come from Latin America, Southern or Eastern Europe. Even though they might give them English sounding names, I've noticed that other studios in Europe also tend to work mostly with models from the same places as well. I'm not sure if this reasons for that are because other countries don't have the same levels of fitness culture, or if it's due to cultural inhibition. I have actually gone to Denmark to scout models, and discovered that although they have no problems with public nudity on beaches, they have a generally very negative view of ¨commercializing sex¨ in erotic films.

It's not an easy thing to understand, but believe me; I don't avoid working with any good-looking, fit men from any background. However, I can only work with those who are willing to be worked with.


Name: Kristen