L'ELISIR D'AMORE Kristen Bjorn / European Gay Bareback Porn

european male models european male models
Director: Lucas Kazan
Running Time: 106 minutes
Studio: Lucas Kazan Productions
Format: DVD
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Prelude: Nemorino (Lucas Foz) and his beloved Aldo (LKP exclusive Filippo Romano) in each other's arms. All of a sudden, reality shatters the romance: Nemorino, now spectacled and nerdy, stalks Aldo and his best-friend Belcore (Giorgio Salieri). Obsessed with the object of his desire, but unable to attain it, Nemorino seeks solace in the local sex-club: while spying on Vilem Cage and newcomer Michele Luppo (Scene I), he's cruised and seduced by LKP exclusive Federico Bulsara. Nemorino surrenders: the encounter that follows is sexually gratifying, but void of emotions (Scene II).

Far from quenching Nemorino's thirst, the real-life sex club has ignited his fantasies about Aldo and Belcore: soon he begins playing in his head the movie of their coupling, romantic at first, rougher then (Scene III).

When hunky newcomer Daniele Castaldo seductively gazes at him on the beach (scene IV), Nemorino recoils and retreats to his imaginary world. This time around, picturing Aldo's buddies, Mattia Saleni and Luca Ferri (Scene V).

It's his last day in Italy: time to stop swooning and to do something. Nemorino resorts to Dulcamara, the local psychic (non-sexual cameo by co-producer Ettore Tosi) and his love potion. He drinks it all, unaware it's just wine, and finally musters up his courage. Aldo, who had long yearned for the lad, transforms the drunk, bolder ugly duckling in the self-assured stud he' d dreamed of (scene VI).

Inspired by G. Donizetti's opera (echoed by Andrea Ruscelli's score) and narrated in Spanish through Nemorino's voice over, L' ELISIR D'AMORE was lensed in Sicily (Cefalú) and Tuscany (Torre del Lago).
"You never saw a fuck so golden. In a way, this splendidly haloed scene typifies the opulent style of Kazan video fucks. It is softcored hardcore. That is, every inch is aglow with beauty, only there are hard glided cocks, plush velvet penetration scenes" -Honcho

"Buy. Hot men like these don't come around every day. You're gonna want to make this a permanent part of your collection" -Unzipped

"A sumptuous investigation of passion, set against small lovely villages and full of men worth lusting after (...) Porn as perfect as it can be in the mold of romantic, sexual yearning" -ManNet

"Another parade of stunning Italian men" -Indulge

"L'Elisir has it all: beautiful European models, a delightful story, first-rate photography, lighting and settings, picturesque Italian locations, excellent acting, superbly lensed, multiple cum-shots... and a generous six sex scenes. A must-see!" -Adam Gay Directory