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Double Dippers
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Release Date: 11/23/11
Camera: Kristen Bjorn, Strongboli
Director: Kristen Bjorn
Running Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Studio: Kristen Bjorn Productions
Format: DVD
List Price: $59.95
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Into double penetrations? Then this is the ultimate DVD for you; a collection of double fuck scenes from famed and awarded director Kristen Bjorn with a cast of 57 hot men. You haven't really been dicked until you've been double dicked!
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Arpad Banfalvi
Yuri Breshnev image
Yuri Breshnev
Bruno Diaz image
Bruno Diaz
Arpad Miklos image
Arpad Miklos
Craig Decker image
Craig Decker
Dirk Holland image
Dirk Holland
Max Veneziano image
Max Veneziano
Juan Jimenez image
Juan Jimenez
David Chelsea image
David Chelsea
Attila Sipos image
Attila Sipos
Jeremy Sheldon image
Jeremy Sheldon
Pietro Rosselli image
Pietro Rosselli
Chris Laruso image
Chris Laruso
Marcelo Lars image
Marcelo Lars
Jason Kingsley image
Jason Kingsley
Matthieu Costa image
Matthieu Costa
Franco Dominicci image
Franco Dominicci
Max Duran image
Max Duran
Ricci Julian image
Ricci Julian
Kane O'Farrel image
Kane O'Farrel
Armando Del Toro image
Armando Del Toro
Daniel Marvin image
Daniel Marvin
Pedro Andreas image
Pedro Andreas
Arthur Gordon image
Arthur Gordon
Daniel Serbanescu image
Daniel Serbanescu
Francesco D'Macho image
Francesco D'Macho
Renzo Belli image
Renzo Belli
Etienne Cendras image
Etienne Cendras
Harry Louis image
Harry Louis
Ricardo Safado image
Ricardo Safado
Erik Demko image
Erik Demko
Jean Franko image
Jean Franko
Rocco Banks image
Rocco Banks
Tibor Cernan image
Tibor Cernan
Marco Hansom image
Marco Hansom
Max Exe image
Max Exe
Christian Herzog image
Christian Herzog
Mike Colucci image
Mike Colucci
Alex Ferrari image
Alex Ferrari
Nikolai Tinkoff image
Nikolai Tinkoff
Nicos Casanova image
Nicos Casanova
Renato Lima image
Renato Lima
Robert McDougal image
Robert McDougal
Lucas Lucky image
Lucas Lucky
David Dirdam image
David Dirdam
Mario Felix image
Mario Felix
Juan De Troya image
Juan De Troya
Juanjo Rodriguez image
Juanjo Rodriguez
Miguel Angel image
Miguel Angel