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Action 1
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Director: Kristen Bjorn
Running Time: 3 hours (Retail version)
Release Date: 05/09/14
Studio: Kristen Bjorn Productions
Format: DVD
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ACTION! Part 1 is a three hour exposé of the world of gay porn, where your most sorded fantasies and suspicions are all confirmed, and all titillating secrets are revealed! Whenever they’re not busy breaking in new talent, super rich porn producers Etienne Cendras and Rocco Banks still find time to fuck each other silly in their luxury mansion. Find out what Rocky Oliveira offers to trespassing fans Bruno Jones and Marko Brenos, and how the three of them end up in an unforgettable fuck sandwich! Witness how Sergeants Aitor Crash and Mateo Perez whip young porn cadets Eduard Dubov, Sandro Casceres, Rogelio Diaz, and Massimo Cannelli into shape under boot-camp conditions at the Porn Academy, where sucking, rimming, and fucking are part of basic training! Don’t seeing miss how aspiring actor Max Duran and jealous boyfriend Franco Dominicci suck and fuck each other dry during a screen test while trying to bonk their way into the fabulous world of porn. Be there when talent scout Ricci Julien leads unsuspecting new discovery Kane O’Farrell to famous porn photographer Armando Del Toro’s studio. The famed photographer then ends up being double fucked by the super-hot duo.
Aitor Crash image
Aitor Crash
Etienne Cendras image
Etienne Cendras
Rocco Banks image
Rocco Banks
Rocky De Oliveira image
Rocky De Oliveira
Bruno Jones image
Bruno Jones
Marko Brenos (Carioca) image
Marko Brenos (Carioca)
Eduard Dubov image
Eduard Dubov
Sandro Caceres image
Sandro Caceres
Mateo Perez image
Mateo Perez
Apolo Knowbles image
Apolo Knowbles
Armando Del Toro image
Armando Del Toro
Massimo Cannelli image
Massimo Cannelli
Franco Dominicci image
Franco Dominicci
Max Duran image
Max Duran
Ricci Julian image
Ricci Julian
Kane O'Farrel image
Kane O'Farrel