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Men & Uniforms
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Director: Kristen Bjorn
Running Time: 4 hours
Release Date: 12/04/14
Studio: Kristen Bjorn Productions
Format: DVD
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Do you like men in uniform? Then this collection of uniform scenes from the films of multi-awarding winning director Kristen Bjorn is perfect for you! Featuring: Royal Mounties in the wilds of Canada, Militia Troops in the Jungles of Brazil, The Miami Coast Guard patrolling the high seas, Soviet Soldiers in Cold war Russia, Sailors on shore leave in the Caribbean, to Paratroopers in the Amazon Rain Forest, and much more, this collection has it all!

With 38 of the world’s hottest men in uniform and their buddies, in 14 red-hot scenes, and over 4 hours of scorching man to man sex, this DVD is guaranteed to get your juices flowing over and over again!
Sylvain Racine image
Sylvain Racine
Yves LaTour image
Yves LaTour
Renato Soares image
Renato Soares
Romalio Teixeira image
Romalio Teixeira
Luiz Rego image
Luiz Rego
Kirill Veronkov image
Kirill Veronkov
Dima Chichay image
Dima Chichay
Anton Sekhin image
Anton Sekhin
Julio Duran image
Julio Duran
Bruno Diaz image
Bruno Diaz
Buddy Jones image
Buddy Jones
Slava Petrovich image
Slava Petrovich
Alexander (Sasha) Byazrov image
Alexander (Sasha) Byazrov
Mark Anthony image
Mark Anthony
Rafael Perez image
Rafael Perez
Pedro Pandilla image
Pedro Pandilla
Louis Chanceur image
Louis Chanceur
Claudio Marino image
Claudio Marino
Igor Natenko image
Igor Natenko
Karl Letovski image
Karl Letovski
Ferenc Botos image
Ferenc Botos
Sasha Borov image
Sasha Borov
Bolacs Fekete image
Bolacs Fekete
Miguel Leon image
Miguel Leon
Ferran Griego image
Ferran Griego
Jed Willcox image
Jed Willcox
David Barthory image
David Barthory
Arpad Miklos image
Arpad Miklos
Ivan Cseska image
Ivan Cseska
Antonio Armani image
Antonio Armani
Dan Dirk image
Dan Dirk
Jason Kingsley image
Jason Kingsley
Roberto Giorgio image
Roberto Giorgio
Joska Tenta image
Joska Tenta
Lajos Magyar image
Lajos Magyar
Marko Nagy image
Marko Nagy
Max Veneziano image
Max Veneziano
Paulo Do Pico image
Paulo Do Pico