MAKING IT WITH KRISTEN BJORN Kristen Bjorn / Bareback Porn

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Director: Kristen Bjorn
Studio: Kristen Bjorn Productions
Format: DVD
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This is the behind the scenes documentary MAKING IT WITH KRISTEN BJORN. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be a special guest on the set of a Kristen Bjorn Video production, this is your chance see 25 hot men caught off guard before, during and after the cameras roll, and to hear about their experiences first hand, right from them. You now have the unique opportunity to witness all of that, and more in this two-hour, no holes barred documentary on the making of the Kristen Bjorn epic WET DREAMS 1&2. It's sometimes sexy, sometimes funny, sometimes informative, and always fascinating. WARNING: After watching this, you will never view a porno video the same way again!

WINNER: 2000 Grabby Award
Winner: 2001 GayVN Award



Early on in the revealing documentary about adult filmmaking, MAKING IT WITH KRISTEN BJORN, the renowned director observes that the art of making pornographic films is the art of illusion. He then proceeds to take his audience behind the scenes of his recent production WET DREAMS, to show in no uncertain terms the calculation and hard work that goes into creating the seemingly spontaneous magic of his films. Clearly, Bjorn's sets are strictly business, and the preparations for any given scene are captured in detail that is often amusing and always fascinating. The process, as revealed here, will prove to be an endless source of revelation to the uninitiated. For those viewers who have never been on an adult film set, MAKING IT WITH KRISTEN BJORN will be mesmerizing, a trip through the looking glass into wonderland".


"The Emperor holds Kristen Bjorn and his videos in high regard, as you all no doubt know by this time. Every serious porn fan has probably wondered what makes his movies so exceptional. Bjorn has decided to satisfy our curiosity by making this fascinating documentary, which follows the behind-the-scenes action in producing his most recent sex epic, "Wet Dreams." "Making It With Kristen Bjorn" is an eye-opener. It offers us rabid porn fans a rare look into the creation of our favorite form of entertainment".

"The documentary is narrated by Bjorn and follows the production of "Wet Dreams" scene by scene. Each segment begins with a montage of moments from the final product. Behind-the-scenes vignettes are then used to illustrate particular points about the trials and tribulations of making porno. Interspersed with these clips are interviews with most of the performers. They're asked a series of several questions, including "What is the best/worst part of making porn?"; "What is your sexual orientation?"; "What was your first sexual experience with a man?"; and so on".

"This is a very long video, at least two hours, and just packed with interesting tidbits of all sorts. It's nice to catch the models at unguarded moments, laughing and smiling, and also to see them talk about their work in porn. And needless to say, it's fascinating to watch Bjorn at work. He's the ultimate in "auteur" filmmaking. It's already well known that he takes up to four days to film a single scene, and now we know why. Every moment, every position, every camera angle and lighting effect, is planned and choreographed and endlessly refined. All of this is with the support of The Bear, his trusty assistant, and -- at least in the case of "Wet Dreams -- Andres Navarro, who is also one of his models from time to time (and who filmed much of "Making It With Kristen Bjorn"). Bjorn and his team work effortlessly together, undoubtedly the product of many years together. However, there is no one else on the set except for the models, which creates a more intimate atmosphere that one might find on other porn sets".

"The overwhelming impression given by this entire documentary, especially the models' comments, is that making porn is a lot of hard work, and not really any more fun than any other job. This is underscored by what we observe happening behind-the-scenes, where the models have to repeatedly get erections, only to lose them when the shot changes and the lighting is altered. A number of them self-identify as straight, and in their interviews complain, grimacing, about how hard it was to take this or that big dick up their asses".

"Getting to know their personalities will only make you bigger fans of some of these performers. Buddy Jones is absolutely adorable. He has a sweet, gentle, open manner that is completely charming. You can't help but want to hold him in your arms and cuddle him. Ferran Griego is something of a cut-up on the set, but extremely bright and articulate in his interview. Miguel Leon is a joker as well. Bruno Diaz (from Spain) seems like a character from an Almodovar movie. Alexei Gromoff is so sweet and boyish it's hard to believe he's married with a child".

"And of course we learn lots of amusing fun facts in the course of the video. For instance, did you know that models don't work well on a full stomach? Bjorn gives them an hour off after a meal. Being a Bjorn model also means you're a grip, a gopher, a janitor, a moving man, and just about everything else. Since he only has a crew of one or two, the models are pressed into service for all kinds of on-the-set chores. (Hey! These guys need a union!) Another oddity: Bjorn usually films his videos backwards, starting with the final scene and working his way back. (Although he doesn't say so, we think this is because it makes continuity easier.)"

"This video is a must for all true gay porn fans. It's the best behind-the-scenes movie since director Ronnie Larsen's "Shooting Porn" (1996), and much more technically revealing (if less gossipy). Although it does include hardcore scenes, you don't really want to watch it like you do regular porn. It's a documentary film with explicit sex, and that's the best way to enjoy it. Don't miss it".

Rating: *** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

-The Emperor, MANNET.COM



"I don't think I have ever learned s much about the business than with the new video, MAKING IT WITH KRISTEN BJORN. It was a delight from beginning to end, a 10 out of 10 with a few extra points for sheer pleasure. And what was even nicer, I feel as if I came away with a better picture of what it's like to be an adult film star and all the background work that is required to get it just right for the cameras."

"The release of this behind the scenes documentary is absolutely great. It's like being invited to be there on the set and watching all the explicit action as the cameras roll. In the case of this movie, the 25 stars of WET DREAMS 1&2 are there for you to see, to converse with, to see Kristen and "The Bear" at work. What is also nice about this film is how so many of the guys are taken off guard, but it's the direct answers to all the questions that really make this film worth watching. It's a kind of personal touch that shows them as real people working to make real wages and allowing us to watch them in their most private and intimate moments.

I now understand why this company puts forth such quality work. It's quality from the time the models get off the planes until the time the filming is complete. For money, for fame, for entertainment, you only have to go to this company of professionals and the works they give us to enjoy the very best in adult films. You just can't go wrong with this Sarava Productions. It's two hours of pleasure that you can watch again and again.




Ever wonder how porn videos get made? If so, this the perfect behind-the-scenes video for you. Just looking for super-hot sex? Then this is the perfect video for you too! Award-winning director Kristen Bjorn lets us take a look at how his latest opus, WET DREAMS 1 & 2 was filmed, including filming techniques, interviews with the stars, out takes and bloopers.

Watching Bjorn work in each scene is amazing. First off, each scene takes 4 days to film. That's a 12 hour workday, by the way. Bjorn is no prima donna director. He and his assistant, The Bear, set up lighting, do hair, and makeup, and do the videography and still photography. On top of this, he directs a huge cast of men, many times in multiple languages. It is truly amazing to watch. When Bjorn shows the guys exactly how he wants them positioned, many times by doing the position himself, he may come across as demanding. But it's not ego on display here, it is an experienced director who knows exactly how to get the hottest take in each scene. Bjorn jokes with the actors in between takes, and comes across as an easygoing guy with a good sense of humor.

The parts of the video showing how they film the "under carriage" shots are wild. You won't believe what they have to go through to get those underneath shots of assfucking. Also interesting is how Bjorn gets those famous no-hands cum shots. I really enjoyed the outtakes and bloopers that are interspersed throughout the tape. Bjorn is even caught on tape falling face first into one guy's spread ass crack and then making a joke about it. The hottest scenes in this video are those where the actors are helping each other out, off camera. You know it's not staged, these guys are just into their equally hot costars. And who can blame them?

Overall, this is a great video for anyone who enjoys porn videos, and a landmark video for the gay porno industry. It's great to see what goes on when the camera isn't rolling.


Rating: 3 1/2 stars.