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Studio: Cazzo Film
Format: DVD
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EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION OUTSIDE OF EUROPE: We are proud to announce Sarava's release a Cazzo Films video; HOTEL CAZZO. With a two hour running time, and 11 rock hard models, this is Cazzo hottest endeavor to date!
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- Man Net -

For this movie, Cazzo puts their money where their mouth is -- so to speak. Cazzo is the Italian word for "cock," and this movie is set in Italy -- near Florence, to be precise. We know it's Florence because the signs at the airport are in Italian, and there are scenic views of the city from the Piazzale Michelangelo in the introduction. It's centered around the libidinous Hotel Davide in the Tuscan countryside, run by horny Frenchman Christophe Blanc. The very international cast arrives as guests on the hotel van, and the tone is set when we immediately are treated to a sensuous striptease as they all disrobe in their rooms while our sexy hotelier Christophe jacks off on a couch elsewhere in the hotel.

Christophe (whom you may recognize from his appearances in various Michael Lucas and Kristen Bjorn productions) delivers a drink to square-jawed man-boy Ben Bianco in the garden. "Anything else?" he asks. "Undress," Ben orders. With the exchange of large amounts of lire (was this filmed THAT long ago?) Christophe complies, and they exchange serious blowjobs before Christophe sticks his sizable French baguette up Ben's hole. You know, it makes so much difference when the guys look like they're actually into sucking cock. Cheeks hollowed from the suction will do the trick, as we find out when they cum after a 69 even before the fucking starts. Ben's an equally eager bottom, which is a good thing since Christophe is a relentless top. Christophe must have enjoyed it, because he shoots about a gallon of cum across Ben's chest.

Tony Rangel and Justin look like they're from north Africa. Tony is sort of Arabic looking, and Justin has more central African features, but both are dark, exotic, lean, and with fat dicks. There must be something about that Tuscan country air, as they get into it in a sort of gazebo, swapping slurping blowjobs and cumming before retiring to a rustic, stone-walled enclosure for some fucking. Tony tops, both doggy and with Justin astride, and a grunting, horny Justin fucks back, bouncing off Tony's fat cock until both cum again.

Poolside, Anton Kern and Lance de Moor take turns sucking one another. Lance is the type of guy we've seen in other Cazzo features -- tall, lean, and buzz-cut. Anton is more thickly built with a short van Dyck beard. The two go indoors to cum, and hunky Italian stud Filippo Romano takes advantage of the deserted pool to go skinny dipping (more about him later). Back inside, exotic looking Lance fucks Anton doggy and missionary.

Back in their cute hotel room and evidently worn out from their earlier encounter, Tony is sleeping while the restless Justin seems bored and still horny, rubbing his crotch. This is going to lead to mischief later on, but first we have to check back in to the garden and see who's the latest victim of the enforced horniness from the fresh country air. It's blond, mustached, thickly built Michelangelo Risi and dark, hairy Kyper who are eager to compare dick sizes while sitting on a decorative bench. You know where that's going to lead! They're soon joined by gardener Mike Conway, another lean, square-jawed guy, who proves that the hotel employees will go to great lengths to satisfy their guests. They, too, retreat to a rustic interior for three-way action. We have to say that Kyper is a type the Emperor particularly likes but doesn't see too often in porn flicks. He's thickly built with black hair and eyes, and a full pelt of well-distributed black body hair. He looks sort of Persian or Arabic -- very exotic and masculine. And interestingly, he turns out to be the bottom when both Michelangelo and Mike fuck him after an extended oral session. He's a big slab of macho beef on a spit, as the two tops trade holes both missionary and doggy.

Cute young housekeeper Erik Finnegan really looks like he could be as Irish as his name. Very fair-skinned, smooth, and innocent looking, he arrives to clean Tony and Justin's room while Justin reclines on his bed in his underwear and Tony has gone god-only-knows where. Only in porn would a hotel housekeeper go about their business under these conditions. Of course, only in porn would a housekeeper wear super-tight short-shorts while they bend over to mop. You know what's coming, and Erik relishes sucking Justin's fat brown cock, deep-throating it to the balls. Justin loves rimming and fucking Erik's smooth white ass, and Erik does, too, keeping a hardon virtually throughout. Justin fucks Erik in every position until Erick squirts a big load, followed by Justin's. Naturally, Tony chooses to return to the room during their post-orgasmic glow, angrily throwing Erik out. Witnessing his guest's dissatisfaction, Christophe takes Erik outside for punishment. Yeah -- giving this kid more cock is really punishing him. With Erik deep-throating Christophe, they're joined by model-handsome Filippo, who's evidently done with his earlier swim. His smallish dick is made up for by his nice body and handsome face. As if that weren't enough, guest Ben returns. Three hot cocks -- yeah, that'll really teach Erik not to fuck the guests. All three take turns fucking pale Erik, who loves every minute of it. They squirt their substantial loads on Erik's chest. And so goes a day at the Hotel Davide near Florence. How do we make our reservations? Do they have imperial accommodations?

Editing and camerawork are exceedingly well done throughout the movie. There are six scenes, and plenty of variety despite the relatively limited cast by American standards. We were particularly impressed by the physical variety in the cast -- they were all easy to tell apart, which isn't always the case. The performers' eager horniness has become something of a Cazzo trademark, and is fully evident here. The music was exceptional, although someone seems to have gotten mixed up and given this Italian-themed movie a Caribbean beat, at least in its theme music. The background music has a little of the typical Cazzo techno beat, but much moderated and less obtrusive. The musical background to the DVD menu is sort of exotic and African, but also very pleasant. There aren't any DVD extras other than a photo gallery, but the movie is so great it doesn't matter. It receives the Emperor's much sought after and rarely bestowed.

rating: Highly, Highly Recommended


- Keeneye Reeves, TLA -

Being released exclusively through Kristen Bjorn's Sarava Productions line, this hot entry from Germany's Cazzo Film is sure to get you in a fuck-addled tizzy. We love Bjorn, and we love Cazzo.


-T.J. Maxxwell, TLA

Hotel Cazzo is an above-average exercise in Euro-porn. Set amidst the dazzling scenery of Tuscany, the film brings together a luscious gaggle of men from all over the Continent - all with one thing in common - they simply adore dick!

In the film's opening sequence, seasoned porn monkey Christophe and youthful Bianco blow each other's trumpets before getting into some smokin' 69 action. After inhaling each other's pipes, Christophe snakes Bianco's drain with his substantial butt-banger. The action is fast and furious, and Bianco unloads a torrent of joy juice that threatens to drown the entire village!

Rangel and Justin are the next two contestants on "Who wants to fuck someone else up the ass?" Both of these men are pleasant to look upon, with their sinewy bodies, Moroccan/Tunisian looks and substantial sun-burnished sperm shooters. After bringing each other to a gooey climax through oral/genital horseplay, these two dusky dreamboats get to the bangety-bang. Rangel is on top, but Justin is a voracious bottom, and he rides Rangel like a happy pony.

Next, it's time for poolside frolic with a heavily inked skinhead (de Moor) and a well-hung, goateed gent (Kern). de Moor floats on up to Kern's erect and impressive member, which he promptly sticks into his mouth for some spirited sucking. Kern then has a go at de Moor's meat, followed by a mutual wank-a-thon. Still hungry for more man-on-man action, these two retire to the great indoors, where Kern slams de Moor in the shitter 'till the cows come home. (Note: There is no actual bovine interaction in this film. The cow reference was used here as a literary device designed to induce chuckling).

In the next scene, Kyper (hirsute, swarthy Greek) is playing a familiar tune on Risi's (blonde, mustachioed, genitally blessed) skin flute. Conway (tall, scruffy, probably not Jewish) then joins in the fun. Before you know it, you've got yourself an old fashioned three-way! The trio then moves indoors, where Kyper serves up some oral gratification before offering up his fuzzy dumper to the other two.

Justin is back in the next scene, where he goes at it with lily-white coverboy Finnegan. Justin bangs the living crap out of Finnegan's Celtic crapper with his Moorish manrammer before they booth produce ample loads. Finnegan then gets embroiled in a foursome featuring Blanc, Romano and Bianco, where his poor tushie is used as a plaything once again. At the film's climax, Finnegan ends up covered in guy-glaze.



- Harley Shadow, X FACTOR -

The Tuscan Countryside is the setting for Hotel Cazzo. Everything about this movie is awesome. The camerawork, variety of models, their extreme horniness, and a cool varied soundtrack lead to an outstanding movie.



Cazzo director, Jorg Andreas seems to revel in assembling a horde of randy men, putting them up in a hotel, and watching what happens. It is a situation he has used often before - Most sucessfully in Heartbreak Hotel, and in his current release Hotel Cazzo, he once again stirs his group of sex-crazed lovers and strangers into a familiar mix. This production is set at a pensione in Tuscany. In Hotel Cazzo the videography is inventive, the dialog is in English, and the sexplay is almost always as hot as we've come to expect from this Berlin - based studio, now being distributed by Kristen Bjorn's Sarava Productions.

Rating: 3.5 stars



This is so good we scarcely know where to begin. The scenery and sets are beautiful, the models (mostly uncut) incredibly sexy, the sexual performances relentlessly hot and seemingly spontaneous, the camera placement stunningly good (the blowjobs look amazing), the directing, editing, lighting, and picture quality flawless.

Rating: five stars



This is a really fun and arousing video. Beautifully shot, realistically presented and full of hot sex, don't miss this one!




This title has the "Kristen Bjorn Presents" label tacked above it which may initially disappoint some fans when they realize he didn't direct it. But not to worry. Cazzo Films' Jorg Andreas does quite an admirable job. Berlin-based Cazzo has earned a reputation as one of Europe's finest companies because of its technical excellence and policy of selecting models that are not only attractive, but actually enjoy and are good at gay sex. So it's no wonder Bjorn has added them to his expanding Sarava brand.

Superhot Christophe Blanc is the host of the hotel that has drawn a refreshingly diverse group of hotties: tattooed, bald, ripped-black, hairy, smooth, brunet, blond. Also hung, gorgeous, and sexually enthusiastic, their dicks remain hard in every scene, each of which has first-class oral and penetration work. Most of these scenes are divided into two sections-oral and anal-each with its own set of cum-shots (just like in a Bjorn movie).

Blanc is a wise choice as the center of attention: He has an engaging gaze and killer eyes. Then he takes off his clothes, and the gorgeously developed torso and uncut cock are even more hypnotizing. After a solo appetizer, Blanc and Ben Bianco exchange blowjobs before Blanc fucks Bianco, whose arms and hands reach out to his side in excitement as he gets boned. There are some nicely filmed 69 segments (not an easy position to capture), but the highlights are the amazing penetration shots. Blanc pulls all the way out, spreads Bianco's hole to reveal a nice pre-entry target, then slides his cock in-all the way to the base-repeatedly. The two kiss passionately while fucking, displaying real chemistry.

Justin and Tony Rangel are up next, one of many scenes to feature great deep throating (when the dick disappears completely, we get giddy). After a poolside rendezvous with tattooed studs Lance De Moor and Anton Kern, we are treated to a fabulous threesome that starts with Michelangelo Risi and Kyper, and adds Mike Conway, who sports a mean hard-on. There are some solid shots as these three suck each other, then Risi and Conway take turns plowing Kyper. Eric Finnegan is the smoothie who shows up for the final two scenes. First, he does an amazing job of engulfing Justin's huge dick during some nice wet sucking, and he stays hard as he gets fucked. In the final four-man fuck, Finnegan spreads his legs for Blanc, Bianco, and Filippo Romano-another winning scene.

With so much European product out there with hot-looking guys but mediocre sex, entries like this renew our faith in our overseas friends, and make us realize that we're not asking too much. Pre-nom Best Foreign Video.

Rating: 4.5 stars