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Love And Lust
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Director: Lucas Kazan
Studio: Lucas Kazan Productions
Format: DVD
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The romantic, the cynic, the whore. Three men and their sexual adventures under the Tuscan sun.
GIORGIO SALIERI gives up on men and takes refuge in a quiet village. Little does he know what the village has in store for him: a horny neighbor (exclusive JEAN FRANKO) and an incurably romantic villager (ROBERTO GIORGIO).
This is no solitary, remote harbor and Giorgio soon finds himself besieged by men and their carnal desires on one hand (lusty workmen RICKY MARTINEZ and KAREL ROK in scene 2, Franko's orgiasts in scenes 1 and 3 respectively, exclusive MATTHIAS VANNELLI and LUCAS ANDRADES, JULIAN VINCENZO and OTTO VOKO), trapped by Roberto's quest for love-at-first-sight on the other.
Will he give in to temptation one last time? Or will he allow himself to love again and be loved by Roberto?
LOVE and LUST was filmed in Tuscany in June 2005.
Jean Franko image
Jean Franko
Matthias Vannelli image
Matthias Vannelli
Roberto Giorgio image
Roberto Giorgio
Ricky Martinez image
Ricky Martinez
Lucas Andrades image
Lucas Andrades

12th Hard Choice Awards Winner: Best Videography (Leonardo Rossi), Best Cum Shots (Ricky Martinez)

2 GayVN Nominations: Best Foreign Picture, Best Videography


Kazan's use of light and location are the best of any director working today, giving the sex a celestial quality that is both hot and sensuous" -XFactor

"Top-notch tech credits and an astoundingly gorgeous cast of men" -Adam Gay Directory

"Love and Lust has the best-looking cast of the year! It also features some of the best videography I've seen in a long time. Working with high definition video and shooting on location in a small town in Italy, director Kazan has crafted a beautiful film." -Mandate