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The Men I Wanted
Director: Lucas Kazan
Studio: Lucas Kazan Productions
Format: DVD
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"I dreamt of them day and night: the swimmer, the honeymooners, the waiter, the hitchhiker..." 4 sun-drenched vignettes, 9 gorgeous men and the beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Samuel Dolce reminisces about his Summer on the farm and the men he longed for. Lost in his daydreams, he fantasizes about muscular Mark and boyish Pietro stroking their dicks (flashback I). "The Swimmer". From his bedroom window, Samuel catches Jean Franko and Alexy Tyler cruise each other in and around the pool (flashback II) "The Honeymooners". Ethan Clarke and Roberto Giorgio can't get enough of each other, as they cavort in the fields, in bed, on the stairs (flashback III) "The Waiter". Guest Lucas Andrades pays his hunky waiter (Glenn Santoro) and hands him a note. Glenn doesn't flinch at the ‘indecent proposal' (flashback IV) "The Hitchhiker". Narrator Samuel Dolce gives Mark Federico a ride on his way back to the farm (flashback V)

7 GayVN Awards nominations, including: Best Picture, Best Foreign Picture, Best Actor in a Foreign Release (Jean Franko) and Best Director

GayVN Award Winner for Best Actor in a Foreign Release

Grabby Award Nominated for Best Int'l Video

"Lucas Kazan is one of the few directors for whom the news of a new film is still an event, and The Men I Wanted is that new film. It was shot on location in Tuscany, at an isolated farmhouse with awe-inspiring vistas of the Tuscan landscape and endless amber waves of grain." -XFactor

"In the ravishingly beautiful scenery of Tuscany, ravishingly beautiful men ravishingly beautifully videographed swim, sunbathe, masturbate, fellate, fornicate, and look ravishingly beautiful doing it. The sky is blue, the fields are green, the water is sparkling, and the men enjoying each other in front of the sensational scenery are muscled, tanned, hung like, well, like a young dreamer's fantasies" -SINema

"The only thing that can upstage the physical bounties of Tuscany (...) is the cast of men director Lucas Kazan has engaged to play in this story. With his exacting care gently woven into every frame of this movie, the men, from various places around the world, all fall under the soothing, calming and immaculately picturesque spell of Kazan's Tuscany, looking like ancient statues come to life on its antique countryside. Simpler than most Kazan productions, it is every bit as breathtaking for the sheer eye for beauty he displays again, as few others have the capacity to do."

"In a perfect 76 minutes, Kazan captures beautiful men in beautiful locations, once again giving the industry a truly unique experience that no one else can touch" -GayVN

"This is an incredible piece of work. If you like beautiful men, this production has it. If you like beautiful background scenery, this production has it. If you like beautiful music playing in the background, this production has it. Whether you rent or buy, you'll want this production on your shelf. It's an upcoming classic"