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Skin Deep 1&2
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Release Date: 2008
Running Time: 5 hours 40 minutes
Director: Kristen Bjorn
Studio: Kristen Bjorn Productions
Format: Double DVD
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The world is full of dangers! A villa full of mafiosos offers it’s protection service to ensure that no misfortune befalls it’s unfortunate clients. Studly Etienne Cendras as Sir, rules his underlings with an iron hand; they must obey every command, and belong entirely to him. In this cruel underworld, love is forbidden. Here, submission and sexual coercion are the order of the day. Sir’s right leg is completely covered by tattoos, each of which represents a person Sir has had rubbed out. As Sir always says, beauty is only skin deep, but vengeance goes all the way to the bone. Sir always reminds his underlings that he has plenty of blank space left on his skin for those who disobey him. At the villa there are servants to fulfill every need. Sir says that they must display many years of loyalty before they can become one of the gang. Until then, they are at the gang’s full disposal to be used at any time for the gang’s pleasure. Take a voyage to the darker side and witness as Latin mafiosos Ricardo Safa and Harry Louis force their huge cocks into servant Erik Demko. Trainees, Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin have to double-fuck Sir himself, in an effort to secure a job. Jean Franko forces lackey Rodrigo Ferrais to suck his enormous dick, and then fuck each other silly in a dynamic flip flop. Later, Jean Franko and Ricardo Safado double dip British hunk Rocco Banks with their enormous man-poles. Mafioso stud Armando del Toro shows underlings Bruno Jones, Jordi Casal, and Alex Ribeiro some new ways to enjoy a baseball bat, and later the quartet concludes with a four-man fuck sandwich. Mafioso honchos Aritz San Juan, Alex Ferretto, Rocky Oliveira and Franco Dominicci have ways of making new-comer Daniel Marvin talk; they force him into a five-man suck and fuck orgy until he and the others are left bone-dry. Meanwhile, servants Pedro Andreas, Ricci Julian, Kaio Castro, and Alex Ferrari are caught red-handed in a forbidden sex act by mafioso brothers Hugo Martin and Bruno Jones. This leads to an unforgettable six-man suck and fuck-fest. Rocky Olivera and Franco Dominicci have a clandestine romance brewing; that is until Sir finds out... GayVN 2009 Awards Nominations: BEST DIRECTOR, BEST GROUP SCENE (Jean Franko, Ricardo Safado, Rodrigo Ferrais, Rocco Banks, Harry Louis, Erik Demko), BEST SEX SCENE DUO (Bruno Jones and Jordi Casal), BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, BEST ART DIRECTION, BEST EDITING Hard Choice Awards 2009: Best Foreign Film Best Foreign Director Best Group Scene (Jean Franko, Ricardo Safado, Rodrigo Ferrais, Rocco Banks, Harry Louis & Erik Demko) The Director's Cut Combo version has the following extras not found elsewhere:2 DVDs: 6 hours 40 minutes! Extra 40 minutes of actiontoo hot for retailers to handle A cumshot review A Behind The Scenes Gallery
Daniel Marvin image
Daniel Marvin
Jordi Casal image
Jordi Casal
Pedro Andreas image
Pedro Andreas
Rocky De Oliveira image
Rocky De Oliveira
Etienne Cendras image
Etienne Cendras
Renzo Belli image
Renzo Belli
Ricardo Safado image
Ricardo Safado
Harry Louis image
Harry Louis
Erik Demko image
Erik Demko
Hugo Martin image
Hugo Martin
Rodrigo Ferrais image
Rodrigo Ferrais
Jean Franko image
Jean Franko
Rocco Banks image
Rocco Banks
Armando Del Toro image
Armando Del Toro
Alex Ribeiro image
Alex Ribeiro
Kaio Castro image
Kaio Castro
Alex Ferrari image
Alex Ferrari
Franco Dominicci image
Franco Dominicci
Aritz San Juan image
Aritz San Juan
Alex Ferretto image
Alex Ferretto
Ricci Julian image
Ricci Julian
Bruno Jones image
Bruno Jones
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Hard Choice Awards 2009: Best Foreign Film Best Foreign Director Best Group Scene ¨Scorching!¨ - Ken Furtado, ¨Perfection!¨ -Brent Blue, "Hot Hot Hot !" -Ebony Wood, freaksfromhell.blogsp
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