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We are always on the look out for hot, new models, and model finders! If either you, or someone you know meets our criteria, you may may be able to make some extra money!

MODEL APPLICATION FORM: Please fill out the model application form by clicking on the link below. Be sure to fill in obligatory fields:

AGE GROUP: The age group for model consideration is 18 to 40, although most of our models are between 23 to 30 years old.

SEXUAL PREFERENCE: The models can be straight, bi or gay. We work with all those types. As long as the model is willing to do the work, and behave professionally, his personal sexual preference is unimportant. We do like to know, however, what each model's preference is for logistical reasons.

RACE: All race groups are acceptable for video work. "Exotic" types could be of particular interest, since they are uncommon in US porn.

TYPES: There are several types of models that I look for:

1. The young, pretty type. This type is usually in his early 20's, with beautiful face, athletic body, and boyish looks.

2. The manly type. This type is usually over 25, is more ruggedly handsome than pretty. He must be muscular. He can have facial hair or tattoos.

3. The exotic type. This type is something other than typically American looking (i.e.; white/ango, or black African). He can be of any race or origin, but must still fill the requirements of attractiveness just like the other models.

PHYSICAL QUALITIES: There are 3 qualities taken into consideration when we choose models to perform in videos. They are: body, face, and dick. It is always best when a model has all three qualities, but 2 out of three is sometimes acceptable, if one or more of those qualities is extraordinary. For example; if the model's body and dick are extremely good, but his face is just average. For more details:

1. The body must be muscular. That means the model must have regularly trained (4 or more times per week) with weights for at least a couple of years. He must be proportionate, and defined as well as muscular. Fat bellies and love handles aren't acceptable.

2. The face should range from attractive to very handsome. Small imperfections like small scars or a few blemishes can be hidden with makeup, but models cannot have severe acne or acne scars.

3. Any dick within the range of normality is acceptable on a good model, but a big dick is always better. Also, an uncircumcised dick is preferable to a circumcised one. Models with smaller dicks are acceptable, but they should expect to perform as bottoms.

THE WORK: Web scenes are usually shot within 6 hours. All models must:

1. Kiss and touch

2. Suck dick

3. Lick ass (after careful cleansing)

4. Fuck or be fucked (without condoms only)

The ONLY part that is optional is with fucking; a model can choose to fuck or be fucked. But he must do one or the other. It is always better if he can perform both ways.

PAYMENT: The payment can vary slightly according to location, and performance needed. This will be discussed directly with the models upon receipt of their applications.

CASTING: A casting shoot is a test which is done with new actors who have been approved for filming with Kristen Bjorn. Since many novices do not perform well (erection problems, ejaculation problems, etc) it’s preferable for us to know about these problems before the real video production starts. The casting shoot is a short video, shot with couples made up of new actors together with experienced actors, which usually last 3 hours from the moment the shoot begins. The participants in the casting shoot are paid upon finishing the shoot. Those who perform well and look good will be cast in Kristen Bjorn’s feature films.

LOCATION: Presently we are seeking new talent within Europe. Each approved model will be sent a plane ticket from their home city and/or country to our shooting location for a minimum 2 day stay there. The models will be provided with food and accommodation. This is professional work; NO sexual favors are expected of models outside of the video performances.

FINDER'S FEE: a one time fee of 100 euros is paid to the model finder for after he makes his first casting test, or web scene.

PHOTOS: We need to receive a few recent, non-retouched photos of potential model, without makeup, plus personal data such as: age, height, weight, sexual preferences (i.e. top, bottom, gay, straight, etc.). The photos should be nude, and in simple standing poses; one front, one side, one back. At least one should be with full erection. Photos can be sent to us via e-mail to:


There are several model finders working out of various different countries who help us find new actors.
These are Carlos Caballero, Ed and Paolo Novoa who work out of Spain. If they contact you, you can be sure that they work with us.