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Lover´s Lane 15: Saxon West, Marco Rubi

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Saxon and Marco have invited us into their home for an intimate afternoon. As the guys begin to strip down it is clearly visible the attraction they have for each other as their shorts strain to contain their ever growing attraction. Marco lies down as Saxon feeds him his rock hard cock. Saxon begins fucking Marco’s hungry mouth as he runs his hands across Marco’s perfectly sculpted muscular body. Marco desires more and so does Saxon as he instructs Marco to eat his ass. Marco’s serpent like tongue thrusts in and out of Saxon’s perfect pink hole. Saxon has grown hungry for his lovers cock and begins to swallow his uncut cock as Marco directs and urges him to swallow it all. With Saxon’s spit coating Marco’s cock, Marco begins to rub the head of his cock against Saxon’s pucker hole. Gliding up and down, teasing Saxon until his hole sucks Marco’s cock deep within. Saxon then flips Marco and slides his spit covered cock into his lover and fucks him full of his desire. Marco begins to ride Saxon’s cock hard then Saxon takes control and furiously fucks Marco until he explodes his load all over Marco’s balls then erupts his last bit of cum into Marco’s ass. Marco loves the sensation of his lovers wet cock in his ass that he blows his thick, creamy load all over his ripped abs.

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16 Aug 2017

Saxon and Marco have Total Chemistry, and it is really lovely to see two enamored men achieve such heights of Enviable Eroticism. There were brilliant close up shots, where penis and testicles were becoming increasingly redder by the minute. Marco`s poker-hard erection, at point of spouting was a rubey red !

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