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Strangers in Prague 2 - Scene 1: Jalil Jafar, Rado Zuska, David Kadera, Tomas Friedel

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Prague is the place to be if you want to stroll along the beautiful streets and meet the world’s hottest guys. Tomas Friedel and Rado Zuska are regular fuck buddies and today Tomas is entertaining a new guy, David Kadera. David is hungrily sucking on Tomas’ cock when he receives a call from Rado with a pic of a hot guy that he just met on the street, Jalil Jafar. Tomas and David both agree that Jalil looks like a hot time, so Rado and Jalil head over to Tomas’ place for a group sex gay orgy. Upon arrival Tomas and David strip down Jalil and Rado and the cock sucking begins. David and Tomas trade up the huge, uncut cocks they are sucking on, much to the delight of Jalil and Rado. Tomas then bends David over for Jalil to ram his long raw shaft deep into his ravenous ass. Jalil and Rado tag team David’s ass with their naked cocks as Tomas feeds him his cock down his throat. It is time for Tomas to have a piece of ass as well and he and Jalil lie down as David and Rado squat down over their cocks and swallow them up deep inside their hot canals. Rado and David ride the hot raw cocks as their hard cocks flop around filling with an abundance of cum. Tomas and Jalil pound away at David and Rado until Jalil pops his cock out and shoots his never ending streams of cum then Rado sits back down on his dripping cock to suck it clean with his ass. Tomas also pops his cock and spews his hot streams of cum all over David’s thighs then sticks his wet cock back into David’s ass and begins fucking him again. David has been on the verge for some time and rides Tomas as hard as he can trying to get every bit of that cock deep into his ass as he explodes his creamy load. Rado has been riding Jalil deep and hard as well and strokes his cock to an eruption of cum that flows and covers Jalil’s balls in warm comfort. Has your fuck buddy shared with you lately?

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11 Jan 2022

A very hot scene, and Jalil Jafar is very sexy as always... I miss him, I hope he will go back to his porn career one day.

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Strangers in Prague 2