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Raw Adventures, sc. 1 - Smoke Me: James Castle, Raul Korso

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Raul Korso entices James Castle to join him back at home and plies him with his huge, fat cock and a little smoke. James is more than eager to suck on Raul’s hot cock, he and both Raul lube it up with lots of spit. Raul is thrilled to see that James’ cock is an equal match to his own hefty cock and takes it deep into his mouth and throat. Raul then flips James upside down and mounts his ass with a tongue bath and fucking that James is blown away by. Raul flips James again and this time he rams his raw cock up James’ tight, pink hole. James rides the fat, slicked up cock until the pleasure takes over and Raul shoots his thick load all over and inside of James’ ass. Raul then sucks on James’ fat cock to make sure it is well lubed before he sits down on top it. Raul and James take turns with the fucking, Raul riding James’ cock hard and deep, James equally pounding away at Raul’s wet hole. James keeps the intense fucking going as long as possible before blowing his load up Raul’s hungry hole.

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25 Sep 2023

This is one smoking hot couple!

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Raw Adventures 1