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On the Prowl 2 - Scene 5: Doriano Masoti, Ansony

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Doriano Masoti is leisurely making his way home when he turns a corner and spots a tall, dark, handsome and extremely hung man. Ansony has a burning desire to fuck that he can’t conceal, his huge cock that stretches across the front of his body and begins to wrap itself around him. Doriano releases Ansony’s cock and is blown away by the mammoth mahogany colored cock. With his cock rock hard and standing straight up in full attention mode that when Ansony slips it into his mouth Doriano feels the sensation shoot throughout his entire body. Ansony is impressed that Doriano is doing everything within his powers to choke down his enormous cock. Ansony lies down and allows Doriano to glide his massive raw cock full length and full girth up his pink hole. Doriano loves to be fucked by huge cocks and Ansony senses this and begins to pummel his ass with unlimited restraint. Grinding away at Ansony’s rock hard cock brings Doriano to erupt his huge load of cum. Although he has just cum, Doriano wants more of Ansony’s huge cock. Ansony spreads Doriano’s legs wide open and plunges deep inside his drenched hole. Ansony’s furious fucking brings him to spray his huge load of cum all over Doriano’s ass before feeding the last of his seed deep inside his cum dripping hole.

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06 Mar 2015

Wow!! I like this video!!

06 Mar 2015

So hot!!

Scott Russell
06 Mar 2015


06 Mar 2015

wow!! I like this video too!!

10 May 2015

What a hot video, Ansony is so huge, he has a very big cock for sure. Ansony is my all favorite, he is so huge cock for sure. I really like this video of Ansony and he knows how to fuck his buddy.

25 Oct 2015

What is so special about Ansony, is that he hard- fucks with real feeling, and works up a sweat for the benefit of Doriano, who happens to be a nimble little fucker throughout the video, which showcases Ansony`s superb tattoo-free body, which would look even more perfect if his extremities were to be sun tanned. then he would look like one of The Kristen Bjorn God-like actors....

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On the Prowl 2