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On the Prowl 3 - Scene 6: Arnau Vila, Aitor Bravo

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Aitor Bravo has invited Arnau over for a romantic dinner, but it is the romance that heats things up first. Some tender kissing, bumping and grinding lead to the clothes being shed seductively. Arnau Vila consumes Aitor’s uncut cock with such vigor that you know he is hungry, and food is not on the menu. As Arnau sucks on Aitor’s cock he strokes his own fat cock as his low hanging balls slap against the sofa. Aitor then tugs on Arnau’s low hanging balls as he runs his tongue up and down the full length of Arnau’s huge cock. He then takes those low hanging balls into his mouth and swirls them around with his tongue then returns to the throbbing shaft slapping him in the face. Flipping Arnau around, Aitor works his magical tongue in and out, up and down and all around Arnau’s perfect pink pucker hole. Aitor stands up and plants his hard, raw cock up Arnau’s wet ass. Arnau encourages Aitor to go harder and deeper and Aitor does so that the floors, furniture and walls are giving way to the pressure of the powerful thrusts. Arnau instructs Aitor to sit on his cock and Aitor engulfs the fat cock and begins with fluid strides that make his own balls draw up tight. With the robust pumping action going on in his ass, Aitor has been pushed over the edge and explodes a huge load of cum. Aitor’s ass muscles are contracting and convulsing around Arnau’s cock that it sucks the hot creamy load out of Arnau. He saves the most succulent of his load and shoots it inside of Aitor’s ass. Anyone still hungry?

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13 Nov 2022

OMG Very hot video ON THE PROWL 19, thanks for showing us this hot video Kristen Bjorn. Those Spanish guys Arnau Vila and Aitor Bravo are my favorite men . Their smooth bodies, perky and sensitive nipples are so hot and their uncut banana dicks and balls are really massive ! Very hot video for sure, love it.

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