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Raw Adventures sc. 7 - Black Knight: Jared, Mirek Ceslar

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For some the city comes to life in the black of the night. Tonight is no different from any other, except on this sultry, dark night Jered and Mirek Ceslar come together for a night of passion. As they join each other on the bed, it is obvious that their sexy underwear cannot conceal their true desires. Jered frees Mirek’s smooth, towering, uncut cock and begins to take it into his moist, hungry mouth. He savors every part of this massive cock as it slowly slides deeper and deeper into his mouth and eventually down his throat. Mirek reciprocates, but quickly moves in on the hot, delectable hole that he probes and fucks with his strong tongue. Sensing Jered’s eagerness, Mirek flips Jered and rams his huge cock balls deep inside of Jered’s raw ass. He begins pounding and pumping Jered hard and deep. Jered pushes his ass further up to the heavens so that Mirek can slap his balls against his hungry ass. Mirek flips Jered around in different positions to gain deeper access until Jered ends up on his back. In this position Mirek goes harder and deeper than before and with each thrust he pushes Jered closer to the edge. Jered is blown away with the amount of pleasure he feels from the huge, raw cock fucking him that he blows his huge load while Mirek picks up his pace and blows his creamy load all over Jered’s wet ass before teasing his ass with his cum slicked cock then burying it deep inside of him one last time.

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28 Mar 2015

This is one damn hot scene!

03 Apr 2015

Very hot!

14 Jul 2015

Wooh KB, love this video, JARED is so hot and gorgeous, he has a great body, big cock and love that chest, great looking nipples for sure, like to suck them all too. Plse more on JARED he is so HOTT !!

14 Jul 2015

JARED you are so HOTT, big cock and great body you have !!!

17 Apr 2017

Jared really comes to life with his amazing eye -to-eye intensity, as he shared with William Bravo to great effect.. Like William, Mirek works on rimming Jared, but for most of the video, his eyes are closed in concentration. My guess is that the sensation that he was receiving from Jared` pubic bone, took him continually" to the edge". I noted that Mirek wisely shaved his own pubic hair, to emphasise the power of his highly-photographic genitalia.. The camera, of course, continued to be in love with Jared, who is clearly appreciated, not only by ,e, but with Rakesh and Olthen...

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