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In Yer Face! - Chris Tyle, Trenton Ducatti

Kristen Bjorn Play
In Yer Face! - Chris Tyle, Trenton Ducatti
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It's a full-immersion make-out when beefy, muscular and hyper-masculine Trenton Ducati's so turned on by Chris Tyler's hard body and tough guy look. Chris plays rough, pumping his tightly clenched jaws rapidly up and down the swollen length Trenton's steely rod, before Trenton goes mad over the younger man's mammoth, uncut meat with its savory 'skin. Chris doesn't go easy with the sharp hip thrusts that give Trenton a rude face-fucking, but Trenton retaliates, feeding his cock into Chris' tight hole and turning into a plugging demon, dredging deep inside Chris' shock resistant buns. Trenton drops a load on Chris' belly, laps it up, and gets his face in close so Chris can lay a massive wad--sheesh, what a wad--on Trenton's tongue. Literally, in his face!

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