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Alpine Wood pt. 1 - Angel Rock, Nick Sterling

Kristen Bjorn Play
Alpine Wood pt. 1 - Angel Rock, Nick Sterling
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After a hike in the brisk mountain air, Angel Rock and Nick Sterling get warm in the bathtub. They have matching chin beards, beefy bodies and torsos sprinkled with dark hair. While they kiss, Angel's fat cock, fully erect, beats its demands against Nick's flesh. It dominates the scene. Nick responds with an open mouth, engulfing Angel's column; his throat expands and constricts as he swallows and releases, and swallows again. Angel twists Nick's nipples as if they were dials to turn up the heat, then he spins Nicks around to get at his buns, licking and probing them until they're dripping with saliva. Nick gasps when Angel stands and plunges his cock into him, and they surrender to a splashy, two-position fuck. On the verge of orgasm, Angel collapses on the edge of the tub. He expels gobs of cum that drip down Nick's lips and chin and which he smears all over Nick's face with his cock as Nick erupts onto his stomach. They share a kiss that's wet with Angel's spooge.

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