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Wild Seed: Robin Sanchez, Xavi Duran

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The uber handsome Xavi Duran hooks up with the muscle demigod Robin Sanchez for a hardcore fuckfest. Both men’s heavy cocks are straining the fabrics of their underwear and are demanding to be freed. Xavi takes Robin’s hefty uncut cock into his mouth and has Robin’s muscles tensing and flexing as Xavi’s hot mouth sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout his entire body.  Robin’s cock stands at full mast and no steel rod could be harder than his cock is at this moment. Xavi needs to be careful and backs off, Robin’s ball sac has drawn up high and tight and is ready to unload. So, Robin decides it is time to edge Xavi as well. Taking full advantage of Robin’s expert cock sucking skills, Xavi gives his throat a good fucking. Xavi is now ready for that hot pink hole of Robin’s and takes him from behind, driving his raw, meaty cock deep inside of that hungry hole. Robin loves the sensation of that huge, fat cock splitting him open that he starts demanding more and Xavi delivers it deeper and harder. Xavi then flips Robin onto his back, spreads that huge muscle ass open and plunges deep inside for more. Xavi pounds away at his herculean friend’s ass and forces Robin to take his own beefy cock into his hand and satisfy its desire for pleasure. Robin and Xavi have synced their strides and this brings Robin to an eruption of thick, creamy cum all over his huge thighs. Robin’s pulsating ass muscles milk the cum out of Xavi, who showers Robin’s mountainous pecs with his milky load of cum.

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20 Feb 2017

There is nothing better than reading a truly-erotic introduction;and finding, that every action which is breathlessly- described in minute detail, actually tallies with the subsequent action .It has to be said that Carlos Caballero`s camera work, is equally brilliant. Robin and Xavi were really a delight to watch, and that black wrought iron bedstead was used to maximum visual effect. There is nothing like a creaking bed, when a vigorous workmanlike pounding is in progress...Some cocks do look rather spectacular, so are made to be sucked ..Well , here there really was *One-Such* :, Constant Balls-tightening, indicated the enjoyable effects of long term deep throat attention: so when The Exact Hot- Rod-Totally-Erect- Moment arrived, for the deepest of penetrations,, there was absolutely no delay.... it was straight in, up- to- the- hilt. This video was truly Raw Excitement throughout, and I enjoyed every 24..40 minutes of it. Well done, Everybody !

11 Nov 2017

Editor, muscle Demigod Robin Sanchez is amazing in this video, he is my favorite so far at kristen bjorn... Robin sanchez has such a strong chest, his now hairy chest and man nipples are so hot, Robin has for sure a real hot body, love to see Robin Sanches bottoming for Xavi Duran, a very hot guy is he too...... plse Robin Sanchez come barebacking soon !!!

11 Feb 2018

My favorite scene in all of Kristen Bjorn!

06 Nov 2022

OMG what a hot video with Robin Sanchez,. He is horse hung with 1 of the biggest uncut banana dicks ever seen at Kristen Bjorn. Robin Sanchez had the hottest male body ever seen, love his big sensitive nipples when I saw him shirtless Great shots where muscular XAVI DURAN, fucks sexy ROBIN SANCHEZ, very hard bareback with his huge man pole... Cannot get enough to watch this horse hung guy XAVI DURAN, in action fucking men really hard bareback with that huge uncut horse dick.

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