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Casting Couch #370: Ely Chaim, Indigo Baz

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Daddy issues, you’ve come to the right place as Ely Chaim meets hot muscle daddy Indigo Baz. Ely was intrigued when he saw Indigo’s profile online and was even more excited when he saw that their cocks were so similar. Daddy Indigo looks really hot as his highlighted in silver beard consumes Ely’s hard cock. Indigo flips Ely onto his back then sits on his chest and feeds him his huge, elongated cock. Ely savors the sensation of Indigo’s huge cock forcing his throat open. Moving from chest to face, Indigo opens his hairy hole for Ely to tongue fuck him, while Ely fingers his own perfect pucker. Ely then turns Indigo around and rams his huge cock into his wet ass and begins pounding him hard and deep. After a hard and deep fucking, Indigo flips Ely onto his shoulders, spreads his ass wide open and then slowly begins feeding him his raw ass with his mammoth uncut cock. As Ely relaxes and opens up, Indigo digs deeper and plunges his cock balls deep inside of Ely’s ass. Ely is then flipped onto his back and Daddy gives him a wild ass fucking that brings both men to their zenith of pleasure. Both men’s cocks are stretched to full length and girth as Ely begins to explode his rich, creamy load of cum all over his furry, ripped abs. The sensation of Ely’s ass muscles gripping Daddy Indigo’s cock sends him over the edge as he explodes his huge, velvety load of cum onto Ely’s chest and ass. Indigo coats his cock in his own cum then gently glides his cum slicked cock back into Ely’s wet ass. Nothing better than a hot Daddy that will flip with you.

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12 Aug 2017

This video is full of erotic niceties and is very well filmed,,and Daddy Indigo should be very proud of the large puddle of thick white spunk that he delivered in such a spectacular manner.

14 Nov 2017

KB what a hot man Ely Chaim you bring us, Ely has an amazing hot body, his hairy chest and nipples and his huge cock are so hot.....Love you Ely Chaim, plse comeback soon. You are my no 1 favorite man so far...

14 Nov 2017

One of the hottest bottom ever seen at Kristen bjorn and that is Ely Chaim, he is so hot bottom to take that huge cock of Indigo BAZ... Ely you are the best, like your bottom scenes so far at KB, keep going BRO, you are so hot !!!

22 Nov 2017

This video make me really horny! hot couple. Indigo Baz is very sexy. I would like to see more of him.!!!

Mario Cruz
27 Nov 2017

This video is so hot, Ely Chaim has an amazing hot body, like his hairy chest, he has such sexy nipples and huge cock. Plse bring Ely Chaim back soon, love him and good partner to Indigo Baz, both guys are hot !!

24 Dec 2017


09 Oct 2022

Editor KB, who is this hot guy.....Ely Chaim?? At first sight I fell in love with Ely Chaim, a tall guy with facial beard, hot hairy chest and his perky and sensitive nipples makes him such a hot guy and my favorite men. I like this type of men.....his hairy chest really turns me on and after he got undressed could not believe my eyes to see his huge uncut banana dick, it measured a 25 cm I think. Ely Chaim his cock is really massive... I saw that he is a Lebanon native living in Espana... I discover too that he enjoy man to man sex encounters and as a hot bottom he took some huge uncut cocks as that of INDIGO BAZ, in this scene. Bring Ely Chaim back soon at Kristen bjorn...where is he now editor ??

29 Oct 2022

Indigo Baz is a gorgeous guy from Spain...Such a good looking guy, his facial beard , hairy chest and uncut banana dick which is so massive. Ely Chaim is also gorgeous, when he met with Indigo Baz. Ely has also such a hot male body every man could dream off...His hairy chest and his perky nipples are amazing to see. He enjoy a hot man encounter with Indigo Baz and he really enjoy sucking that huge banana dick of Ely...while he eats Indigo Baz his hot ass. Hottest bottom scene with this sexy dude Ely Chaim, who enjoy taken that huge banana dick of Indigo Baz. Bring Ely Chaim back soon again on stage editor since his last video a couple of years ago !

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