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Casting Couch 391: Victor D´angelo, Apolo Fire

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Victor D’angelo begins his day waking from a very hot dream, but wait a minute, is it a dream or is Apolo Fire really standing in front of him. As Victor awakens further he realizes that it really is Apolo standing there stroking his impressive cock. As Apolo leans in for a tender morning kiss, Victor realizes that this is going to be the start to a great day. Apolo takes Victor’s growing cock into his mouth and begins to feel it grow and build in strength across his wet tongue and to the back of his throat. Victor’s foreskin is a plethora of pleasure as Apolo nibbles and tugs on it. Eager to pleasure his visitor, Victor takes Apolo’s fat cock into his mouth and begins sucking as he too feels the fleshy meat fill his mouth and expand his limits of deep throating. Apolo is placed on his back as Victor’s curved cock slips into his smooth, pink ass. Flipping with Apolo, raw papi Victor squats down onto Apolo’s pulsating cock as it slips deeper and deeper within his hot furry ass. Victor takes the lead, grinding his ass down hard onto Apolo’s every engorging cock then backs off as Apolo takes the lead and fucks his ass harder and harder. As the momentum builds so does the desire to go deeper, to go longer, to extend the pleasure until day becomes night. As the intensity increases Apolo’s balls are drawing up tight, getting ready to unload their massive contents and Victor’s cock has been flailing about with such force that he is stimulated beyond belief without ever touching himself. But all of that pressure and pleasure has pushed Victor over the edge of no return as his creamy load of cum gushes forth. Apolo has also been launched into the sky-rocketing pleasures of Victor’s orgasm that he explodes his thick load of cum then slips his cum drenched cock back into Victor’s hairy, wet ass.

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01 Sep 2018

Wow, Victor D'angelo is a real stud muffin! I hope we get to see more of him soon!

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