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Casting Couch #397: Brando Rey, Alexander Mathews

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Alexander Mathews is studying for an exam at university, but Brando Rey thinks it is time for a little distraction. Brando is too horny to wait and begins licking and biting at Alexander’s underwear causing quite the arousal in both men. Alexander’s cock is set free and Brando’s mouth is right there to suck it in. Brando takes out his fat cock and begins stroking it as Alexander fills his mouth with his cock. Alexander maneuvers around and expertly takes Brando’s monster cock into his mouth. Brando is the turned around and Alexander begins working his way from uncut cock head to the thick shaft, to his hairy balls and then to his sweet pucker hole. Each part of this journey is savored, licked and sucked to perfection.  Alexander then stands up and rams his raw cock deep into Brando’s hungry hole. Brando is given a hard ass pounding before he is flipped onto his back and Alexander continues to fuck him deep and hard. Alexander finds that all the stress of studying and exams has left him in need of a release that he can not hold back. With Brando’s ass in the perfect position to receive his hard cock, Alexander is unable to withhold any longer and just as he is about to blow his load Brando showers his abs with his creamy load of cum. When Alexander sees Brando’s cock shooting, he automatically blows his milky load of cum all over Brando’s abs and then feeds the final morsels of his load to Brando. Time to go back to studying.

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03 Nov 2022

I like this casting video with those sexy men Brando Rey and Alexander Mathews. Both men looks like twins, their facial beard, great smile and their smooth chest and body are amazing to see. After getting fully nude, was a surprise for me to see how horse hung both guys were. Their uncut banana dicks are really massive. I love this duo and hope that they will make a comeback at kristen bjorn studios.

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