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Breathless: Salvador Mendoza, Ely Chaim

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Ely Chaim is in town on holiday and looks up his favorite fuck buddy, Salvador Mendoza. The guys quickly get reacquainted with each other with some passionate kissing which, of course, leads to nipple play as the clothes are seductively removed. Ely’s magnificent cock is the first to spring free and Salvador gently takes it into his mouth as he works his way down the long cock shaft. Salvador is an accomplished cock sucker and really knows how to get to the base of Ely’s hairy cock. The cock sucking turns aggressive and Ely forces Salvador to choke down his entire cock. Ely is too hungry and too horny to wait any longer and makes the opportunity to devour Salvador’s meaty cock. Ely has been hungry for Salvador’s cock for too long and slowly works his way down to the base until he is balls deep in cock. Salvador explodes with excitement as he feels his cock splitting Ely’s throat open. The aggressive cock sucking is relentless as both men take it to the next level of swallowing cock. Salvador attempts to slip his jeans off, but Ely catches him with them around his knees and flips his legs into the air exposing his hot, furry ass. Ely dives in and begins his feast. Cleverly, Ely flips Salvador onto his stomach, which exposes his ass perfectly and Ely takes full advantage of the position and slips his long, uncut cock deep into Salvador’s wet ass. The aggressive mode between the two carries over into their fucking as Ely goes hard and deep. Salvador is flipped onto his back and places his feet on Ely’s hairy chest where he plays with Ely’s nipples. Ely takes Salvador’s toes into his mouth and begins to sensually wrap his lips and tongue around each one. Ely leans in and begins to romantically kiss Salvador as he slams his cock deep into his ass. Ely then places his hand on Salvador’s throat as the fucking gets a bit rougher. Flipping things around, Ely finds himself on his back as Salvador leans in for some romantic kissing before he rams his raw cock into Ely’s hairy ass. Salvador gives Ely a hard fuck, but finds that he is so excited and stimulated that it doesn’t take long before he pulls his cock out and showers Ely’s ripped abs with his huge load of cum. Salvador scoops up his cum in his hand and begins finger fucking Ely. The sensation of that cum in his ass pushes Ely over the edge as he erupts with his creamy load of cum. The Best Buddy is a Fuck Buddy!

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14 Dec 2018

Great scene! Ely and Salvador are two of my favorites!

14 Dec 2018

Real Men, Real Sex.

15 Dec 2018

Im agree with Dick and Greg. Hot scene. Beauty is boring if it's cold. Please, more conection! Agresive sex. Real men.

09 Oct 2022

This is one of the hottest videos at KRISTEN BJORN, with those 2 good looking men Ely Chaim and Salvador Mendoza. It was love at first sight when I saw first saw this hot Lebanon native dude Ely Chaim. This guy has a body every man could dream off, so muscular and as soon as he got undressed, taking off his T-shirt, I was breathless. Ely Chaim his hairy body with his sensitive and perky nipples makes him such a amazing hot guy . His nipples are amazing hot and they are so suckable too...I really enjoy nipple play on men as Ely chaim where Salvador sucks off those sensitive nipples and hairy chest of him....... I enjoy this hot man to man encounter with horse hung Salvador Mendoza. Salvador who is a hot TOP too and he likes to fucked hot guys as Ely Chaim, really hard bareback.. Ely Chaim has a huge 23cm uncut banana dick and balls and is a hot bottom in this scene... This was a great video scene called Breathless, with two of the hottest men I have seen !!!

09 Oct 2022

I am a big fan on Lebanon native Ely Chaim. This guy has a body every man could dream off. His hairy chest, perky nipples and his uncut 24 cm banana dick which is so massive. Ely chaim you are my man and hot bottom too. Enjoy to see how you take those huge cocks inside your ass too. Ely Chaim hope to see you making a comeback to Kristen bjorn soon again after a 5 years of absence...

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