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Casting Couch #414: Noel Santoro, John Rodriguez

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John Rodriguez and Noel Santoro hook up after meeting at the local pub for a few drinks. The guys head back to Noel’s and begin the slow and seductive striptease. As the guys are kissing, they discover that they both have a fetish for nipple play and begin a tug, pull and squeeze of each other’s sensitive nipples. After stripping down completely, Noel takes John’s hot cock into his mouth and begins sucking it deeply into his mouth. John then takes Noel’s fully erect cock into his mouth and consumes every centimeter of it. The guys then move into a hot 69 rimming where both asses are tongue fucked and deluged with saliva. Noel wants to fuck John with much more than just his tongue and flips John into position and rams his raw cock deep within his wet ass. Noel changes up the position and this time John lowers his sexy ass down onto Noel’s awaiting cock. John slams his ass down hard onto Noel’s cock as his own cock is whirling in total pleasure. Flipping again, John spreads Noel’s legs open and shoves his cock into his open ass. John is a more passionate fucker, yet he achieves the same goal, total pleasure for himself and his partner. Picking up the pace, John feels his balls filling with cum and is getting much closer to his climax and makes sure that Noel is riding the same high as himself. John sprays his load of cum all over Noel’s smooth balls and ass. Shoving his cock back inside of Noel, John continues his fucking. John replaces his cock with his two fingers and massages Noel’s prostate until his thick load of cum erupts from his cock. John scoops up Noel’s load of cum and continues fingering his ass. Always good to hook up with a like-minded partner.>

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17 Jul 2019

John Rodriguez is looking hot as usual!

17 Jul 2019

hot couple!

17 May 2020

Both are amazing!

13 Oct 2022

It was love at first sight when I saw the 1st movie of horse hung John Rodriguez, who is a native from Espana. He becomes my favorite latino man.. His smooth male body is amazing hot...after getting undressed I could not believe what I saw. His smooth chest is so hot and he has such sexy perky and sensitive nipples too. I enjoy nipple play on men, and those perky nipples of JOHN RODRIGUEZ really turns me on for sure. NOEL SANTORO as a bottom, really enjoys a hot man to man encounter with muscular and good looking John Rodriguez, who fucked him really hard bareback..... I can say that both men have massive uncut banana dicks which they all enjoy sucking big cock. John Rodriguez, really enjoy sucking off that huge cock of Noel Santoro
for sure... Hottest bareback scene ever...Editor Strongboli want to see those handsome guys as Noel Santoro, John Rodriguez, soon back on stage, Both are my favorite man at KB !!

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