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Casting Couch #440: Jonas Brown, Mario Roma

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Jonas Brown is the newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men and is being inducted by the very sexy daddy, Mario Roma. Mario and Jonas have been messaging each other for some time until finally Mario goes to visit Jonas in France. After a wild first night the guys get up and find that their carnal lust has yet to be satisfied. Bumping and grinding big bulges away in the kitchen, Jonas’ cock springs free and is demanding more attention. Jonas jumps up on the counter with his cock fully erect with desire as Mario leans in and shows just how amazing daddy’s cock sucking can be. Mario thoroughly works his wet lips up and down the chestnut-colored cock shaft, making sure to pay special attention to the bulging nob on top. Unable to contain his craving, Mario shoves his throbbing cock into Jonas’ hungry and eager mouth. Jonas sucks, swallows and chokes down Daddy’s cock as he opens wide for more. Jonas looks up at Mario with an animal desire and opens his mouth for Daddy’s spit to keep him lubricated. Mario grabs hold of his hairy nipples and begins twisting and pinching them, raising his thirst for more to a new level. Jonas is bent over the table as Daddy Mario thrusts his hard cock into that perfectly sculpted brown ass. Mario rams his cock deep within Jonas’ ass and Jonas meets his thrusts by backing his ass up onto the pleasure pole filling him up. Getting flipped onto his back, Jonas is able to look into the eyes of the man rocking his world. Mario has slowed up his pace and is now fucking Jonas’s with a touch of passion and romance. Flipping again, but this time Jonas takes the lead as he backs up onto the furry beasts’ pulsating cock. Jonas grinds his ass deep and hard onto Mario’s cock, causing his own cock to reach its full fortitude. One last thrust back and Jonas’ cock is erupting in flowing cum. Jonas feels the pulsating of Mario’s cock in his ass and drops to his knees just in time to feel the hot load explode all over his face and especially on his starving lips and tongue. I think we will be seeing much more of our beginner.

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18 Dec 2020

This is one hot fucking scene! 2 thumbs up! The chemistry between Jonas and Mario is very evident, from the way they look at each other, anticipate the others moves and respond. The cock sucking was intense, I especially loved how Jonas would look at Mario with lust in his heart and Mario would spit on him with equal admiration. Great scene guys!

28 Feb 2023

So hot to see a hairy daddy dominating his partner (Jonas) yet treating him passionately. Truly hot sucking and fucking!! Must see!

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