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Casting Couch #474:: Lionel Lilac, Tonyx

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Tonyx enters the room with a glimmer of innocence in his eyes and a dastardly smile just rising to the surface as he is in high anticipation to meet with Lionel Lilac for his induction into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. This Casting Couch is a “David and Goliath” of powerful muscular men living out their gay porn fantasies. With both amazing cocks on display each is sucked to perfection, the desire of any talented cock sucker. After some fingering and tongue fucking, Lionel can sense that Tonyx’s ass is primed and ready for fucking. Lionel fucks Tonyx in multiple muscle stretching positions before he showers Tonyx’s muscular ass with his thick load of creamy cum.

Tonyx and Lionel Lilac prove they work hard for their muscular bodies, but it is the way they move, suck, fuck and cum that will captivate you.

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01 Sep 2022

Wow, these two are a perfect match. They are mirror images of each other, may I be in the middle? It was mesmerizing to watch their muscular bodies in motion.

03 Sep 2022

These guys are a great combination! Tonyx is really cute.

10 Sep 2022

These are 2 really hot men. Those bodies are perfection, this was a great pairing. The way that Tonyx submits his mouth and ass to Lionel was what I needed after a long day. I also want to feel Lionel's cum shooting all over my ass and Tonyx fucking my mouth!

09 Nov 2022

Two beautiful muscular dudes with fat, ripe, juicy cocks; together queering out with reckless abandon; what else would you expect from Kristen Bjorn? they scout every corner of the globe for the hottest stallions...they really get me leaking hard...

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