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Casting Couch #496: James Keresford, Favio Vador

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Passion is an innate emotion and in today’s casting it is apparent that Favio Vador and James Keresford have a passion and hunger for one another. This is clearly demonstrated from the onset when they enter the room, with the level of kissing that occurs between them.

Favio breaks away from the intense kissing and begins working his way down James’ smooth, lean, muscular torso. When he comes to rest on his knees the bulge emanating from James’ shorts kicks this passionate and lustful encounter into overdrive.

As James’ shorts are pulled down, his meaty, mushrooming cock is very impressive as Favio takes it into his mouth and feels it swelling in the back of his throat. Favio grabs hold of the hefty, smooth balls sac as he sucks, swallows, chocks, gags and brings this man-sized cock to life. James loves his nipples to be tweaked and pinched and does so while Favio sucks every last centimeter of cock that he can force down his throat.

James’ level of lust has risen to the point where he needs to feed his passion and turns Favio around, bends him over and spreads those muscular ass cheeks apart, exposing the treasure inside, that amazing chestnut colored pucker hole. James dives in tongue first, licking and lapping away at it, feeding his desires.

Favio’s ass is fully saturated as James rises up and rams his monster cock deep within. Favio struggles ever so slightly at the onslaught of such a massive cock invading his tight ass. Once fully inside Favio is ready for a wild fucking. James’ colossal cock has reached deep inside of Favio and stimulated him beyond his limits. Favio reaches down, grabs his cock and shoots his thick creamy load of cum.

The guys change positions as Favio squats down and begins riding that gigantic cock for all he can get out of it. Favio hurls his ass up and down that immense cock shaft, filling himself with pure pleasure. James’ balls are getting heavy and full as Favio’s slams his ass down onto his pelvis.

Another flip and Favio finds himself upside down as James points his huge cock down and into that amazing ass. Favio’s ass has proven to be the perfect vessel for James’ monster cock. His cock grows thicker and harder with each downward thrust as he approaches the point of no return. One last thrust and James pulls his cock out and showers his hefty load of cum all over Favio’s face, lips, and tongue. James shoves his cock into Favio’s mouth as he sucks the remainder of that hot load out of James’ cock.

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14 Sep 2023

Great scene! This is my kind of scene, a hungry, sexy Favio driven to service a huge cock! The way he sucked on that cock and just kept going even when he was gagging on it, shows a real desire for cock sucking. His ass was equally as hungry as he took that entire cock in every position he was put into. Favio is so damn sexy, handsome and talented. I want to see much more of this "hot fucker!"

15 Sep 2023

Great scene! I loved watching James big dick sliding in and out of Favio's mouth and ass, And James shooting his load into Favio's mouth sent me over the top. More scenes like this please!

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