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OH LA LA! : Manuel Skye, Mika Ayden

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Manuel Skye is at home pumping a little iron when Mika Ayden enters the room and caresses his bulging biceps. Manuel knows exactly what Mika wants and decides to tease him just a bit longer. Mika runs his hands across the taught, swollen muscle when he releases his swelling muscle.

Mika’s cock does a little dance before Manuel takes it all the way into his mouth and down his throat. Mika gasps for air as he feels his cockhead breaking past the back of Manuel’s throat. Manuel works his mouth up and down Mika’s cock shaft, pleasing him with his expert cock sucking skills.

Excitement has taken over Mika as Manuel stands on the chair and shoves his long, uncut cock into Mika’s hungry mouth. Mika slobbers and drools as he works his best to fit Manuel’s hot cock as far down his throat as possible before Manuel begins face fucking him.

Manuel swaps up positions with Mika and drops in behind him to get a taste of that hot ass. Manuel’s tongue leads the way as he probes and fucks that sweet ass. Mika moans as his ass is fucked and primed by Manuel’s strong, probing tongue.

As Manuel’s cock presses up against Mika’s furry hole, Mika reaches back, spreads his ass and Manuel’s cock pushes inward until his balls have reached up against Mika’s ass. Manuel fucks with a steady rhythm that builds the pleasure deep inside of Mika. With his eyes rolling skyward, Manuel picks up his pace and is now slamming his cock deep inside of that hot ass in front of him. Getting flipped onto his back, Mika opens wide and Manuel continues with his intense fucking, ramming that long, hard cock deeper and deeper, only to pull out to get a taste of their hot fucking. Manuel rams his cock back in and continues to fuck to his hearts content.

Another swap and this time Mika is squatting his ass down onto Manuel’s awaiting cock. As the guys work in unison, Mika’s fat, hard cock is flopping about as the pleasure builds in both men’s cocks. Manuel pulls out and floods Mika’s mouth with his creamy load of cum. With the cum still dripping from his lips a volcanic eruption flows from Mika’s cock.

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29 Dec 2023

Wow, this is one fucking hot scene!

29 Dec 2023

Cute Mika needs a big daddy dick in his ass!

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