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PLEASURE BOUND: Manuel Skye, Santi Noguera

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The dark world of leather tempts many a man and today it comes to the light as Manuel Skye gives some leather training to sub-Santi Noguera. Santi enters the room and sees that Manuel is turned on by the feel and smell of the leather and takes matters into his gloved hand.

Manuel takes the master roll and dominates Santi with his line of questioning and barking of orders. Santi drops to his knees ready to pleasure his master and his massive hard cock. “Is it hard enough” “ yes sir” and with that Santi begins consuming every inch of Manuel’s throbbing cock. Santi masterfully sucks Manuel’s cock, taking in every inch until it reaches the back of his throat.

Manuel’s rapacious behavior dominates over Santi as he bends him over and begins to feast on that hairy pink hole. Manuel teases Santi’s hungry hole with his probing tongue and with just the head of his cock.

With Santi’s ass deliciously soaked, Manuel stands up and rams his raw cock, balls deep within. Both men are moaning and groaning in unison as bolts of pleasure shoots throughout both men’s bodies. “Yes master” as Santi backs his ass up and onto Manuel’s cock, begging to be fucked more.

Santi gets flipped to his back as we see his Prince Albert dangling from his fat cacao cock. Manuel is unrelenting in his power fucking and scoops up some of the fuck juice and feeds it to Santi. Commanding this fuck, Manuel is intensifying the pleasure that is building and being shared by both men.

A change of position has Santi squatting down on Manuel’s elongated and pulsating cock. As Santi begins his deep ass thrusting the weight of his PA has his cock flopping about with each deep thrust.

Another flip and Santi leans forward and Manuel monopolizes the pleasure that is being fucked into Santi’s hairy ass. Santi flips over and is rewarded with Manuel’s huge load of cum all over his hairy body, but especially his hungry mouth as he gobbles up every drop of cum, he can. The taste of cum drives Santi over the edge as he coats his gloves with his own cum.

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18 Jan 2024

What a hot fucking scene! I didn't expect Manuel to dominate and verbally command Santi like he did. Santi is a well trained sub. Must see!!

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