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Vampire of Budapest - Scene 1

Kristen Bjorn Play
Vampire of Budapest - Scene 1
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Very handsome Laszlo Fodor walks through the picturesque streets of Budapest, when suddenly he finds that he is being followed by three hot men dressed in black (Zoltan Korma, Akos Matyas, and Janos Balczik). Laszlo runs to the safty of his apartment, only to discover that the three men lurking in the dark waiting for him. Zoltan, Akos, and Janos rip off Laszlo´s clothes and place him on a table, where they spin him around, and take turns fucking him, while Laszlo´s mouth is filled with the other two dicks. Before long, Laszlo cock explodes, and the other three muscular men squirt their loads on top of him. The foursome then form a suck chain, and crank another load out of each cock before the fucking resumes. This time, in a gay orgy Lazslo fucks Janos, while Zoltan fucks Akos, which of course leads to yet another round of cum shots.

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14 Feb 2021

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Vampire Of Budapest