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Paradise Plantation - Scene 2

Kristen Bjorn Play
Paradise Plantation - Scene 2
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Fellow plantation workers Romalio Teixeira, Reinaldo Medeiros, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Antonio Morais sit around a night campfire drinking cachaca. When new worker Armando Vargas shows up, they offer him a drink. In no time the bottle is empty, and inhibitions loosen up. Black gayporn star Alfonso performs a striptease for the group, and when Armando objects, the others hold him tight, pull off his clothes, and simultaeously kiss, suck and rim him until his big dick explodes. Then the men start a gay orgy and form a chain suck, which causes all five men to blow their wads in sequence. Some rimming and sucking makes Romalio and Reinaldo shoot more jism, just in time for the fucking to start. First, Romalio tops Reinaldo, while Armando bonks Antonio´s butt, and both botttoms suck on Alfonso´s meat, causing him to squirt again. Then Romalio fucks Alfonso, while Reinaldo plows Antonio. The scene ends with another round of pop shots from all five men. Gay interracial.

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Carlos C.
04 Apr 2022

The hottest scene from the best porn ever.

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Paradise Plantation