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Carnaval in Rio - Scene 4

Kristen Bjorn Play
Carnaval in Rio - Scene 4
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In an outdoor market full of exotic fruits and vegetables, dark stud Guto Nacimento sizes up blond, green eyed hunk Rogerio Proenca. Meanwhile, in another part of the market, gorgeous Reginaldo Prado passes by Sergio Callucci, who is quick to pursue his prey. Before leaving the market, the two couples collide, and create a foursome. In a flash, the four hot men pull out thier dicks to piss, and they all pop boners while shaking themselves dry. The four hunks start a suck and rim gay orgy that concludes with each man blowing his load. The foursome moves inside, where Guto and Rogerio fuck Sergio and Reginaldo side by side, producing another round of cum from each dick. Then a fuck train is formed; Reginaldo gets fucked by Guto while he is fucking Sergio. Meanwhile, Rogerio keeps himself busy by sucking on Sergio´s cock. The fourgie only ends after each man has splattered his buddies whith hot cum one more time.

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19 Jan 2017

Just one manscaping suggestion :- Rogerio could do with also dyeing his pubic hair. He would look even more amazingly sexy.... What a physique a diet of oatmeal and apples can produce !

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Carnaval In Rio