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Julio Duran

Julio Duran

Nationality: Cuba
Height: 5'10
Weight: 155 lbs
Dick: 8 (20.32 cms) uncut
Position: Versatile

Kristen says:
Julio epitomizes the latin lover with handsome dark good looks and a sexy allure. He deserves a medal for braving the open ocean on a makeshift raft when we filmed on a record cold February day in Florida. While helicopter footage was being shot, several boaters took Julio for a real refugee, and tried to rescue him. "Go away !!! We are filming!!" he kept shouting at all his would be rescuers. While we were filming in Cuba, Julio displayed an interest in tho Occult, and we all ended up following him to a Santera, who performed cleansing magic rituals by placing beads and bread dough all over him to draw the evil spirits. Luckily, it didn't work.

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Q. ¿Would you prefer that the models were more hung then ones you the you had? A. Of course! The size is important!

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