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Kirill Veronkov

Kirill Veronkov

Nationality: Russian Federation
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160 lbs
Dick: 8" (20.32 cms) uncut
Position: Versatile

Kristen says:
This sexy man is a former law officer. He has a nice combination of self assured masculinity, self control, and spontaneity. His sexy body is athletic without being overdone. He said in the interview that he preferred to be passive but after photographing him and his beautiful erection, I asked if he would consider being a top as well. He did both impressively, including shooting two big loads while getting fucked for the camera. He was adept at delivering dialog and acting out a role which seemed natural for him. Definitely a model that enjoyed his work and worked very hard at doing an excellent job. He grew more sexual and attractive the more I worked with him; that is opposite of how it usually is in this line of work. He made me want to learn to speak Russian.

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