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Moscow - Scene 3

Kristen Bjorn Play
Moscow - Scene 3
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Soldier Dima Chichay, is propositioned by wealthy Kirill Veronkov. Dima will only get the promised money if he agrees to be blindfolded for the rest of the car trip, which includes picking up boyish Anton Sekhin as well. The three arrive at a palatial but scary manse where Kirill starts the action on the staircase by blowing both of his young recruits. Kirill is a wonderful blower, licking and sucking, as well as attending to the balls and foreskin most eagerly. Then Kirill wants some back, so Anton gets on his knees to continue the satisfying set of oral welcomings. Kirill acts his part as the dominant fetisher by forcing Anton rather meanly between the two dicks until all three men shoot their loads. They retire to a leather-lined bedroom where Dima is bent over by Anton, still blindfolded, and rimmed. And naturally, as Anton eats him, Kirill makes Dima cum with only the maneuverings of his foot. Krill's rim is the finest on record here, diving his tongue into the hairless waiting ass with a potency that will speak of topping to come. He of course cums a spew right onto Dima's leg from excitement. Lapping it up for tongue lubricant, he rims a little more and fingers his handsome soldier. Kirill fucks Dima with tight little spasms, His dick is so thick that the camera HAS to go in for full in-and-out shots so we can see the widening and contracting of the hole. Dima gets the blindfold taken off, and sucks the hell out of Anton. After Dima and Kirill coat the camera lens in copious semen, Kirill takes his position of power to get rimmed by Dima and blown by Anton. With both the hole and Dima's cock quivering in unison, Dima enters into Kirill. Dima and Anton eventually enter into an unspoken rhythm where Dima thrusts into Kirill, which causes him to force his cock further down Anton's throat. Kirill and Dima shoot two of their best loads.

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10 Oct 2017

This was very good proposition work by Kirill. and very worthy recruits Anton and Dima make a most memorable Threesome, with Interchange, being the operative word.... The lingering rimming and footwork ensured repeated loads of cum, which always is a pointer to the participants` sexual prowess. As is usual with Kristen`s Russian Stars, they are exceptionally able...

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Moscow: The Power Of Submission

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