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Pyotr Chernov

Pyotr Chernov

Chernov was a sexual athlete with a huge, hard dick and a smooth and sexy body. He was also not a pretty boy and had that devious sexual glimmer in his eye when he came for the interview. He said he enjoyed acting and performing. He worked out very well in the role of a man that only wants to dominate another man for his sexual pleasure but then ends up wanting something more personal and intimate. He was good at delivering orders and dialog while having sex which is something many models have a hard time doing. He gave Slava a major work out sticking his dick ferociously in his mouth and savagely up his ass. I kept asking Slava if he was okay and he said he was. Later Slava admitted that he enjoyed working with Chernov most of all the models. He enjoys playing piano and boxing; well mannered, quite polite and civilized in public.

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